Penis enlargement

A successful sex life is a dream of every man, but sometimes it is hindered by numerous difficulties, apart from mental and physical nature. One of them, which is difficult to ignore is the size of the penis, and a lot of men consider it too small. Although there is a common saying in society that size does not matter, it is sometimes difficult to agree with the fact that nature does not meet generally accepted standards. This insufficient length or thickness can be compensated to some extent by appropriate techniques and sexual positions, but they do not always have a positive effect. A penis that is too small quickly causes frustration and turns into severe stress, which usually leads to severe depression, if we do not take any remedial steps. So, if the length of the penis is significantly different from the accepted standard of 13.12 cm during erection, and its girth in the same state is less than 11.66 cm, it’s time to take action and consider penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement – size sometimes matters

The term penis enlargement itself sounds a bit strange, but it is really possible, and for this purpose several methods are used, both invasive and safer, non-invasive. The question of whether the penis has the right length and thickness is asked by millions of people around the world every day, and the treatment of this condition should not be a cause for embarrassment. Of course, there are situations when gentlemen simply exaggerate, because no enlargement treatments are really necessary in their case. However, for others, the size is of real importance, and it may also have an impact on the relationship with a partner, and any failures in sexual life associated with it may even cause sexual frigidity and complete discouragement from intercourse.

Penis structure

However, before we discuss the methods of penis enlargement, we should learn about the structure of this most important, but at the same time delicate and susceptible to injury male organ. The penis, the second scientific name of which is phallus, has a complicated structure and homogenously, i.e. structurally, corresponds to the structure of the female clitoris. It is composed of two parallel cavernous bodies, its glans are formed by spongy bodies, and in the shape of the penis we can distinguish two parts:

  • a base connected to the pubic and ischial bones;
  • a movable part, the end of which is a glans covered with a skin fold called the foreskin, which is removed in some cultures in infancy.

We have intentionally given the penis size above, measured during the erection, because it is what is important for a proper and fully satisfying sexual intercourse. It occurs as a result of a stimulus sent to cells responsible for the synthesis of nitric oxide, which allows for the dilatation of blood vessels and better blood flow to the intimate areas. It is at this point, not in a state of rest, when it is worth measuring the length and girth of the penis to get rid of or confirm any doubts as to the accuracy of these dimensions, while maintaining an appropriate dose of common sense.

Penis enlargement – strongly inadvisable and risky mechanical methods

As we have already mentioned, there are several methods for effective penis enlargement, although not all of them are recommended. We advise against any uncertified invasive methods that may lead to permanent damage to this delicate organ, such as expanders or pumps also available on the Polish market. Their use is strongly inadvisable by doctors, who often encounter the effects of such irresponsibility, but we will expand on them in order to show what danger they pose, and these are:

  • expanders, these devices are based on mechanical, forceful stretching and this already sounds terrifying. You have to put such a tool on the penis, wear it for several hours a day, which can cause a lot of discomfort, and the first effects are to be visible only after a few months. The use of expanders carries a serious risk of physical damage to the penis, including sensory disturbances or even the opposite effect, severe pain, and the constant pressure may cause problems with the blood supply that prevent from achieving a full erection;
  • pumps, another tool, assumed by the producers to extend this important male organ by even a few centimeters, but, unlike the expander, used immediately before the intercourse. Such a pump, in the form of a transparent cylinder, is placed on the penis, and the air pressed into it is to enlarge it by increasing the blood supply. However, the whole procedure does not end there, because a ring is still to be put on the enlarged penis to stop the blood flow. This is where the most serious risk of using a pump lies, also causing loss of feeling, and in some cases too much pumping can even lead to tearing of the tissues forming the penis, the effects of which are really tragic.

Penis enlargement – natural and safe methods

It is true that, instead of using these tools, you can opt for a complicated surgical procedure or painful hyaluronic acid injections, but they also carry a risk of serious complications, so it is better to choose non-invasive methods. They often turn out to be equally effective, but at the same time completely safe, and penis enlargement can be carried out with the help of external gels or ointments and pills working from the inside. Which solution we choose depends on our personal preferences, but it is better to choose pills that reach all internal problems that may interfere with the process of increasing the size. In all these preparations, usually dietary supplements, the most important thing is to choose their composition, which must necessarily be composed of substances promoting male potency and achieving a proper erection. At the same time, they visibly increase the length and thickness of the penis, and most often natural extracts from such plants are used for this purpose:

Terrestrial mace (Tribulus terrestris)

A plant, about which it can be safely said that solves practically all male problems with erection or potency quickly and without side effects, belonging to the genus paroliformes. In nature, it grows, among others, in China, the United States, Mexico and in the eastern part of our continent, gaining more and more common use every year. Its effectiveness, also in enlarging the male genitalia, results from the content of natural and strong substances, which at the same time have a positive effect on practically the whole health, and include:

  • saponins with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, helping to treat many infections, also in the intimate areas. The beneficial effect on a strong erection and elongation of the penis results from increased testosterone levels and greater production of nitric oxide responsible for its blood supply;
  • polyphenols, extremely strong antioxidants, and also characterized by anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the body against the possibility of developing dangerous diseases, including heart and circulatory system;
  • indoles, constantly taking care of cleansing the body of all toxins in it, which can also negatively affect the potency or erection, while weakening the effect of the used lengthening and thickening preparations.

Sabre Palm (Saw Palmetto)

A component of many pills, gels and ointments of enlarging properties, the main task of which is to eliminate problems with the functioning of the urinary system, another common reason for erectile dysfunction. Saw Palmetto also helps to lower cholesterol in the blood, and the veins and arteries that are free of it better supply blood to the penis. It is also used as an effective remedy to stop accelerated alopecia, another nightmare for every man.

Maca root (Maca tuber)

Grown in the high mountain regions of Peru and used in natural medicine for over 4,000 years. It contains everything a man needs not only to extend his penis, but also to maintain full sexual performance until old age. It contains the following nutrients that will increase the size of the penis by several centimeters:

  • minerals: iron, zinc, selenium, boron, copper and manganese;
  • vitamin B1, thiamine, which supports the heart and circulatory system, also ensuring high immunity of the body, and thanks to its antioxidant effect, removes dangerous free radicals from the body;
  • vitamin B2, riboflavin, necessary for the proper formation of red blood cells, regulating the work of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • vitamin B3, niacin, which is also responsible for our nervous system, and for the production of sex hormones;
  • vitamin C, another antioxidant that removes free radicals and thus prevents the development of cancer, including testicular cancer;
  • Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 fatty acids, which ensure the proper blood flow to the penis, preventing the aging process and degeneration of nervous system cells, thanks to which the stimuli informing about excitement will be transmitted without any interference.

Ginseng (Panax ginseng)

Another plant in many varieties, guarantees the right level of nitric oxide secretion, the basis for obtaining a proper erection and thus also visible penis enlargement. The extract from this root will improve the heart function, lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood, prevent the formation of blood clots in it, and relieve the symptoms of stress. By using preparations containing ginseng, we can count on better physical condition, endurance and faster regeneration of the body practically after every effort. Any problems with potency will end, and the increased efficiency will make us always want to have sex without feeling the negative effects of fatigue.

Damiana leaf (Turnera diffusa)

Apart from the Maca root and the terrestrial mace, it best supports and strengthens the weakened male potency. Effectively stimulates the secretion of more sex hormones and libido by raising it to an unattainable level, increases the body’s physical performance, prevents premature ejaculation, has an antiseptic effect on the urinary system, minimizing the risk of potential infections. Its composition includes:

  • B vitamins;
  • vitamin C;
  • zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus;
  • carbohydrates: fructose, sucrose and glucose;
  • flavonoids with similar to the polyphenols and saponins effects described above;
  • essential oils;
  • caffeine, a valuable and rich source of energy, which is so necessary for the sexual intercourse.