Diet for men

Both the appearance and health of each man depend on many factors, among which the most important invariably is the diet. Unfortunately, most are completely at odds with the principles of healthy eating, constantly indulging in their unhealthy eating habits. It can be seen almost immediately in the growing, fat instead of muscular stomach, not to mention the remaining health effects. So before joining a large group of men with the colloquial spare tire, it is worth knowing what diet should be recommended for men. If we follow certain rules, we will definitely be able to avoid overweight or obesity and all accompanying diseases.

How inappropriate food destroys men’s health

Seeing what most of our male society eats, one would clutch their head in disbelief. There’s no denying that a typical men’s diet is dominated by junk food, fast food full of unhealthy and harmful substances, trans fats or enormous amounts of salt and sugar. Men also do not avoid eating large amounts of meat, especially hard to digest fried pork, and the number of vegetarians or vegans is much lower among them than women. When we add to this the stimulants, which are mainly alcoholic, and a less active, sedentary lifestyle, the result is a very unhealthy mixture, the consumption of which has a negative impact not only on increasing weight, but also on the development of numerous dangerous diseases. If we don’t pay attention to what we eat, we can start complaining over time about:

  • cardiovascular disease, especially the heart, its most important element, which occurs in over 40 percent of obese people. Diseases that may result from this include coronary heart disease sometimes leading straight to myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, most often caused by overproduction of insulin. We often have several diseases at once, which is already a serious threat to life;
  • a very sharp increase in blood cholesterol, especially its “bad” LDL variant, which is one of the causes of the diseases listed above, and also results in increasing abdominal obesity. Excess cholesterol has also an effect on the occurrence of gallbladder complaints, even on the formation of gallstones, often requiring surgical intervention;
  • metabolic diseases, in the case of excessive weight gain, it is most often grade II diabetes. The main reason for its development is abdominal obesity, when too much fat accumulates in the abdomen, which causes the body to become insulin resistant;
  • hormonal imbalance in the body, which in turn can lead to problems with the secretion of normal testosterone levels. This is the most important male hormone, responsible, among other things, for stopping accelerated alopecia and maintaining full sexual performance, as well as undisturbed potency and the ability to achieve a proper erection;
  • steatosis, which, if neglected further, leads to cirrhosis, as well as cancer, especially intestinal and stomach cancer;
  • musculoskeletal disorders, primarily degeneration of joints, which are exposed to constant heavy loads. Too much body weight also endangers the spine and often results in discopathy or vertebral hernia, conditions sometimes requiring long-term neurosurgical treatment, but also leaving permanent physical impairment afterwards;
  • mental problems resulting from dissatisfaction with the appearance. Obesity, caused by not following the recommended diet for men, is a straightforward way to low self-esteem and falling sense of self-esteem. This leads to a life of constant stress and in many cases severe depression;
  • breathing difficulties leading to the development of lung and respiratory diseases, which have an impact on the heart and circulatory system.

Diet for men – what products must be definitely included in it

A well-composed diet for men brings with it numerous health benefits that can never be underestimated. If you don’t believe how it affects not only the maintenance of the normal weight, but also your general health, talk to a dietician or doctor who will confirm all its assumptions. It is a well-known saying that we are what we eat and that is why all the harmful foods and products mentioned above must disappear from the diet. It is not true that without them it is impossible to compose a tasty and attractive menu, satisfying even the most sublime culinary tastes. To be healthy, slim and efficient until old age, it is necessary to eat:

  • vegetables, one of the two richest sources of all the necessary nutrients, without which there can be no way of staying healthy and keeping athletic, muscular, every man’s dream figure. Vegetables are not only full of vitamins or minerals, but also low in calories, which makes it possible to consume them in big amounts, fully satisfy hunger without the risk of simultaneous weight gain. It is also worth appreciating the content of dietary fiber, necessary for proper digestion and helping to fully control the feeling of appetite. Vegetables such as celery root, asparagus and even tomatoes are especially recommended for men, with a beneficial effect on libido. The celery contains arginine which increases the secretion of nitric oxide necessary to dilate blood vessels and obtain a strong, long-lasting erection. Asparagus provides phytoestrogens and folic acid to improve blood supply to intimate areas, and tomato is a source of ascorbic acid, i.e. vitamin C which protects the body against the negative effects of free radicals;
  •  fruits, which also contain vitamins from practically all groups: A, B, C, E, D or K and numerous minerals. They are recommended in any healthy diet for men, however, they cannot always be eaten in the same amounts as vegetables. Many fruits have a high glycemic index, some also contain large quantities of sugar, which can cause weight gain. Every man should eat bananas regularly, not only to improve digestion but also erection due to the content of bromelain, in this way regulating blood pressure. The diet must also include pomegranate fruits, which contain phytoestrogens, watermelon, containing lycopenes that protect against prostate cancer, grapefruits, which regulate digestion and prevent the formation of stomach ulcers. It is also worth taking an interest in peaches, thanks to the lutein which protects our eyesight and black currant or cranberry, which in turn take care of the condition of the kidneys and urinary system;
  • whole grain cereal products, which are definitely worth replacing white wheat bread consumed so far. This will immediately affect the digestive system, so the diet must include dark bread with cereal grains, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, bran, oat flakes and coarse groats providing carbohydrates and fibre;
  • omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, such as coconut oil, of course the healthiest is the unrefined one;
  • milk and the products made from it, but only lean, so that we can count on the right dose of vitamins and proteins to preserve strong bones and joints, reducing the risk of fractures or degeneration;
  • drinking daily, and for the sake of health, it is worth giving up black coffee, black tea and carbonated sweetened drinks that contain harmful glucose and fructose syrup. It should definitely be avoided, studies have unequivocally shown that it is a serious threat, becoming the cause of type II diabetes, disorders of the body’s lipid balance and heart diseases, including hypertension. Therefore, it is better to drink green tea, although also in small quantities and healthy herbal infusions made from, for example, yerba mate. It is also better to quit drinking alcohol or at least limit it to an occasional glass of red wine, of course only a dry one;
  • herbs and spices, especially those that regulate digestion and metabolism. A well-balanced diet for men cannot do without them, because they have a positive effect on maintaining a slim figure but also on potency. Apart from typical spices such as pepper, basil, oregano, lovage, chilli, dill and marjoram, let’s take an interest in exotic herbs, valued and commonly used in many cultures of the world. These include ground mace, increasing blood testosterone levels, ginkgo biloba, increasing nitric oxide synthesis, liquorice, alleviating stress symptoms and regulating metabolism, Maca root, improving mood, having a beneficial effect on the body’s hormonal economy and increasing body endurance.

Diet for men – other nutrition rules that are worth following

Everyone will choose the individual components of their diet over time, and if we have a problem with this, we can always consult a specialist in healthy nutrition. However, we should remember that not only the products we eat are vital, but also compliance with other equally important rules. They allow you to avoid possible excess weight, while maintaining all other aspects of health at the same time, which is definitely worth supporting with an appropriate daily dose of physical activity. It has the same importance as an adequately selected diet for men regardless of their age, a radical, although necessary change in eating habits. This must be borne in mind, above all, by men leading a sedentary lifestyle, devoid of activity both at and after work, when returning home, sitting in front of a computer or TV. Physical activity, especially in the fresh air, also reduces the risk of many of the diseases presented, and all you have to do is stick to the following specialist tips:

1. Eating several meals a day at regular intervals

A serious nutritional mistake, which is not only made by men, is to limit oneself to a maximum of two meals a day. This usually results in many digestive disorders, and metabolism disorders cause further metabolic complications, especially inefficient fat burning. Professional dieticians and doctors recommend eating 4 – 5 small meals a day and keeping the same intervals between them. Thanks to this, we constantly feel satiety and do not reach for unhealthy and fattening snacks, always having a fully satisfied appetite, and before we get hungry it is time for another meal. If the feeling of hunger is too strong and difficult to withstand, then chips or cookies can be replaced with vegetables cut into sticks, and biting a carrot will have a positive effect on our entire body.

2. Caring about a variety and spicing up the meals

Nothing is as dull as the monotony of meals, consisting of just a few dishes served in different order. The recommended diet for men doesn’t really have to be boring and with a bit of imagination you will surely be able to compose the exact menu that you want from the list of the above products. However, let’s remember to balance well each meal, provide it with properly selected doses of nutrients and ensure low calorific value, thanks to which we will certainly not gain weight.

3. A diet that is adapted to the type of work and lifestyle we lead

This is one of the most crucial elements of the diet recommended for men. Those who work hard physically need different meals than those working in the office, who, moreover, must be more careful not to gain weight. In the first case, the body will demand large amounts of proteins and fats giving the required strength and endurance, while in the second case, carbohydrates that allow more intense mental effort and other ingredients that improve memory and concentration will be more important.

4. Drinking large amounts of liquids, especially water

In addition to drinking healthy types of tea, not only green but also red tea, in a diet for men it is equally important to drink large quantities of non-carbonated, preferably mineral water. We must remember that in our body there is between 60 and 70 percent of the total body weight, which has an extremely significant function in it. Its most important task is to help transport nutrients to all cells and to cleanse the body of the remaining toxins and other harmful products of metabolism.