Yohimbine – what is it? Properties and effects

According to the World Health According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 2 fat is a problem for more than 2 billion people around the world. Extra kilograms not only disturb the appearance of our figure, but also impair the functioning of many systems in the human body. body systems.

In recent years there has been an increase in the awareness of society about the dangers of being overweight. More and more people are trying to fight the excessive kilograms with physical activity and changing their eating habits. For For many it means a complete change of lifestyle, however, the benefits benefits of a slimmer silhouette make up for the hardships of the process of losing weight. The development of the fitness industry has caused that we have plenty of places where we can improve our own appearance.

A proper diet and practicing sports are definitely the most important factors determining weight loss. The whole process should be supplemented with appropriate supplementation, which will additionally support fat burning. One of the most effective, natural means is yohimbine. The action of this substance is particularly effective for people who are distinguished by low level of body fatness, but still fight with fat tissue in the most resistant fat in the most resistant areas.

What is yohimbine?

Yohimbine is extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree found in West and Central Africa, including Nigeria and Cameroon, which is the largest exporter. Yohimbine extract is used in traditional medicine by the Pygmies and Bushmen as a strong stimulant. On the dietary supplement market it is found in the form Yohimbine hydrochloride in tablets or capsules.

Yohimbine has been recognized for centuries recognized as a very effective aphrodisiac and as a natural Yohimbine has been recognized for centuries as a very effective aphrodisiac and as a natural remedy against sexual dysfunction. Its popularity is growing among athletes, who use yohimbine as a Yohimbine is a powerful fat burning aid. The effect of yohimbine is definitely noticeable and rapid, That is why people who want to start supplementation should start with the lowest possible doses and watch how your body reacts. body.

Properties Yohimbine

Effects of yohimbine is based on its ability to stimulate the central nervous system and increasing secretion of hormones: adrenaline and noradrenaline into the bloodstream. It also shows a strong thermogenic effect thermogenic effect which facilitates reduction of fat tissue.

The most important properties of yohimbine include:

Increasing adrenaline and noradrenaline levels – resulting in Increased lipolysis – the process of breaking down fat. The effectiveness of this This process can be increased by following a well balanced diet and physical activity.

Improving mood – some scientific reports suggest that yohimbine can help alleviate stressful situations, anxiety and fear. This has to do with the increased secretion of adrenaline by the adrenal glands.

Supporting sexual function – Yohimbine has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Taking a drug containing this alkaloid causes increased blood flow to the genitals, which can be helpful in fighting erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine stimulates the erection center in the spinal cord and the ejaculation center, increasing the ejaculation of semen.

Improving blood circulation – yohimbine has a vasopressor effect. The effect of this action is a widening of the lumen of blood vessels blood vessels.

Yohimbine supports the process of fat tissue reduction

The mechanism of action of yohimbine is based on blocking alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, which automatically increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is the “driver” of the body’s defensive reactions in stressful situations and in the face of danger. This results in increased secretion of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body, some of the effects of which are increased blood pressure, elevated body temperature and accelerated heart rate. In short, yohimbine puts our body in a state of readiness.


Receptors alpha-2-adrenergic receptors are found in large numbers in areas especially “resistant” and difficult to reduce fatty tissue in the hip area, lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs. buttocks and thighs. Increased due to the action of yohimbine hormone levels and beta-2 receptors present in adipose tissue activate the process of lipolysis, i.e. breakdown and oxidation of fat cells. fat.

Many clinical studies clinical trials have shown the effectiveness of yohimbine in the fight levels of body fat. Most of them consisted of giving a selected group of people on a reduction diet Yohimbine supplement or placebo. In the group using the the real product showed better results in terms pounds lost than in the case of the group taking the placebo. In the former case, an increased amount of energy was also noted during physical training, which delayed the onset of fatigue.

Yohimbine as an agent fighting erectile dysfunction

Yohimbine has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to treat sexual dysfunction and as a powerful aphrodisiac. The extract from the bark of the johimba tree affects the erection center in the spinal cord and has a shrinking effect on blood vessels which results in an increased amount of blood flowing to the penile corpora cavernosa which is necessary to achieve and maintain a full erection.

To achieve best results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction it is recommended use of yohimbine in liquid form with additional supplementation with arginine or citrulline, which cause increased production of nitric oxide in the body and increase blood flow to the intimate zones. If a patient is diagnosed with impotence doctor may prescribe yohimbine hydrochloride D4 drops.

It is worth noting, that women can also take yohimbine, which will improve blood circulation in intimate zones and increase sensitivity to touch. Thanks to this action sensations will be intensified, This makes it much easier to achieve full sexual satisfaction. sexual life.

How to use yohimbine?

In case you have a high level of body fat, in the initial period of the In the initial stages of weight loss, we should focus solely on proper diet and physical activity. diet and physical activity. Additional supplementation in the form of yohimbine or other burners should be left for the final stage of the reduction when you want to get rid of fat from the most the most sensitive areas.

Yohimbine has a very strong effect, that is why before you start using, thoroughly read all contraindications and pay attention to combining this burner with other stimulants such as caffeine.

In order to avoid side effects resulting from an overdose, you should yohimbine dosage of 0.2 mg per kilogram of your body weight. kilogram of body weight. For example:

  • a person weighing 70 kilograms can take 14 milligrams of Yohimbine per day;
  • for a person weighing 100 kilograms the daily dose of yohimbine is 20 milligrams.

After determining the individual dose and starting supplementation, you should carefully observe the reaction of the body to the administered substance and on this basis make any adjustments.

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The strength with which yohimbine acts on our body depends on the amount of CYP2D6 – an enzyme responsible for the metabolism of drugs and other substances delivered from the outside. The level of this enzyme in our body is genetically determined. CYP2D6 is involved in the transport of of yohimbine in the nervous system.

In the case of people who have a high amount of this enzyme, the effects of yohimbine will be less noticeable than in people who have less CYP2D6 in their body. The lower ability to metabolize the active ingredients may also result in an increased exposure to occurrence of unwanted side effects associated with use of the supplement.

When to take yohimbine?

In order to achieve best results, the dose of Yohimbine should be taken in the morning in the morning on an empty stomach or about half an hour before your workout. It is important to administer yohimbine away from meals It is important to take yohimbine away from meals containing carbohydrates, which significantly impair the absorption of absorption of this supplement. Due to its strong stimulant properties Yohimbine should be avoided during the evening hours.

Yohimbine can be used Yohimbine can be used for a period of 4-6 weeks. After this time, the body’s tolerance to the to the substance increases and you should take a break. Another way Yohimbine can be taken for two weeks, after which you have to stop taking it. Yohimbine for two weeks, after which we stop taking the supplement and then take it again for two weeks.

Yohimbine given pre-workout can increase the body’s efficiency and delay the onset of fatigue. the appearance of fatigue. Thanks to this we will be able to exercise longer and more intensively, which has a positive effect on our form.

Side effects yohimbine

Just like Yohimbine can cause side effects, like all other active substances that are delivered externally to Yohimbine can cause side effects, which in the vast majority of cases are due to hypersensitivity or taking too large doses. The most common The most common side effects include:

  • elevated arterialblood pressure;
  • accelerated heart rate;
  • shortness of breath;
  • tremor muscles;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • excessive agitation;
  • disturbance of sleep;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • bloating;
  • heartburn;
  • lack of appetite.

In some cases, taking excessive doses of yohimbine may also cause:

  • panic attacks;
  • hallucinations;
  • anxiety;
  • dermatological side effects (rash, redness, itching, peeling epidermis).

Contraindications to taking yohimbine

Among the many contraindications to the use of yohimbine include:

  • diseases cardiovascular diseases,
  • disorders thyroid disorders,
  • disease gastric and duodenal ulcers,
  • diabetes,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • diseases liver and kidney disease,
  • hypertension arterial hypertension,
  • benign prostatic growth,
  • deficiencies of blood clotting factors,
  • schizophrenia.

Yohimbine may weaken the effect of some drugs used in the treatment of hypertension containing clonidine or guanethidine. It may also interact with antidepressants, antibiotics and antihistamines. Use caution when taking yohimbine along with other stimulants such as caffeine or ephedrine.

Yohimbine for weight loss – summary

Yohimbine is one of the most effective natural supplements for burning unnecessary body fat. However, even the best will not be able to fully work if the weight loss process is not based on proper nutrition and physical activity. physical activity. Therefore, at the very beginning you should start by controlling your calorie intake and remember to exercise daily exercise. Yohimbine taken in the right way does not does not cause any serious side effects. It is perfectly suited for the final stages of slimming in order to finally “polish” silhouette and lose the resistant fatty tissue lingering on belly, thighs and buttocks. Due to the fact that yohimbine is a very strong stimulant, you should be caution during use and under no circumstances exceed the recommended daily dose. recommended daily dose.

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