Vitamins for men – 7 most important vitamins and minerals

Each of us knows the basic principles a healthy lifestyle – physical activity, good sleep and a proper diet rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Although most men are aware that changes in the diet may have a beneficial effect on their overall state of health, less than half of them actually follow these rules applies. It is also worth noting that with age our nutritional needs can change. For example Men over 70 years of age need more vitamin D than younger people, and according to recent studies, over 70 percent of they don’t deliver it in the right quantities. What else for the vitamins and minerals should reach you?

Vitamins for men – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential with several reasons, including keeping bones and teeth healthy. Maybe also protect against many diseases, such as diabetes mellitus type 1. despite its name, vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone precursor, or hormone precursor.

Vitamin D has many functions in the body. We’re in it:

  • keeping bones healthy and of teeth;
  • encouragement of the system of the immune system, brain and nervous system;
  • insulin regulation and to help treat diabetes;
  • lung function support and of the cardiovascular system.

Synthesis of vitamin D in human beings the body is activated by exposure to the sun, but in in the autumn-winter season, when the sun’s rays there is less, you should take care of the appropriate supplementation.

The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency may include:

  • increased vulnerability to diseases or infections;
  • feeling tired;
  • Bone and back pains;
  • mood swings;
  • Slow healing of wounds;
  • weakening of hair and nails;
  • muscle pains.

Natural sources of vitamin D that, among other things:

  • Fat fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna;
  • egg yolks;
  • Cheese;
  • beef liver;
  • mushrooms;
  • full-fat dairy.

Vitamin B12 for healthy nervous system

Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It also takes part in the creation of red blood cells and helps to create and regulate DNA.

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Metabolism of every cell in the body depends on vitamin B12, which is involved in acid synthesis and energy production.

The human body produces every minute millions of red blood cells. These cells can’t get properly multiply without vitamin B12. Red blood cell production reduces to be if the level of vitamin B12 is too low. It appears anaemia, which can lead to many serious …to get sick. The most common symptoms of anemia are fatigue, dyspnea. and irregular heart rate. To other symptoms of anaemia belong:

  • numbness of the mouth or tongue;
  • weight loss;
  • pale or yellowish skin;
  • diarrhea;
  • increased vulnerability to infections.

The symptoms of deficiency can be easily avoid using a healthy, balanced diet. To the best, natural sources of vitamin B12 we count:

  • beef;
  • pork;
  • Poultry;
  • fish;
  • dairy;
  • Eggs.

Vitamin A for sight and resistance

Vitamin A is essential for proper growth and development of human body cells, health eyes and visual acuity, immune system function and of the reproductive system. It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes and excreting harmful metabolic products from the body. It also supports the heart, lungs and kidneys.

Vitamin A affects many functions the body, its deficiency can lead to many problems. These include:

  • dusk blindness;
  • an increased risk of infection;
  • the deterioration of hair, skin and nails;
  • fertility problems;
  • delayed growth in children.

Retinol, which is an active form of vitamin A, it comes from animal sources only.

The richest sources of retinol are:

  • offal;
  • Fat fish (herring, salmon, (tran);
  • …fat dairy;
  • Eggs.

Vegetable foods also contain forms of vitamin A in the form of carotenoids. In the body they are transformed into retinol. Fruit and vegetables rich in carotenoids They are distinguished by their intense orange colour.

Plant sources rich in carotenoids are:

  • pumpkin;
  • Carrots;
  • Sweet potatoes;
  • melon;
  • papaya;
  • Mango.

Vitamin C for healthy ageing

Vitamin C is a nutrient to keep the whole body healthy. It participates in the process It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin and vessels blood. It occurs naturally in some products of food, especially in fruit and vegetables. The following are also available vitamin C supplements for men.

Vitamin C is not stored in the body. In order to maintain its level, it is necessary to consume food products or supplements that contain it every day.

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Vitamin C plays an important role in many body functions, including collagen, L-carnitine and of certain neurotransmitters. It helps to metabolize proteins, and its antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals causing infections.

Collagen, in whose production it is a vitamin C, it is the main component of connective tissue and the most abundant protein in mammals. Between 1 and 2% of muscle tissue is collagen. It’s an essential component of fibrous tissues, such as:

  • tendons;
  • ligaments;
  • skin;
  • cornea;
  • articular cartilage;
  • Bones;
  • guts;
  • blood vessels.

The best source of vitamin C are fresh fruit and vegetables. Heat treatment can destroy part of the vitamin C content, so food is best unprocessed.

Natural sources of vitamin C this:

  • red pepper;
  • spinach;
  • broccoli;
  • Brussels sprouts;
  • cauliflower;
  • citrus fruit;
  • Strawberries, papaya.

Zinc for men

Zinc has many important functions in the body. From supporting the immune system and supporting the process of wound healing to keep bones, skin and of sight. It also shows an antioxidant effect, protecting cells from oxidative stress. Zinc has many properties that can be of particular interest to men.

Zinc helps to maintain proper testosterone levels

Low testosterone levels can cause various types of adverse health effects, such as chronic feeling of tiredness, loss of muscle mass, low libido, even erectile dysfunction. Natural testosterone levels in men fall around 40 years old. Factors The acceleration of this process is: no movement, smoking, alcohol abuse or unhealthy diet, poor in macro and microelements, such as zinc.

Normalizing testosterone levels by changing lifestyles and introducing supplements can help to solve some of the problems mentioned above.

Zinc for a healthy prostate

Prostate problems occur mostly in older men, but it’s never too early, to start taking care of this extremely important gland. Such problems how hypertrophy and prostate inflammation can cause Unpleasant symptoms, including urinary problems, which can significantly impede functioning and quality of life.

Zinc is one of the most important Nutrients supporting prostate health. Thanks to its properties reduce prostate inflammation and regulates the level of hormones that cause its hypertrophy.

Scientific research has proven that taking at least 15 mg of zinc per day effectively prevents the development of prostate cancer.

Zinc takes part in the synthesis proteins

Protein is one of the most important the nutrients that build up almost every cell and our body structure, from brain cells and muscle tissue to the arterial walls, even DNA.

Adequate protein supply is extremely important for people who practice. Protein needs in sportsmen and women can be up to twice as high as in of less active cases. Protein is crucial for the correct regeneration process, i.e. repair of micro-damage in the muscle fibres resulting from strength training, and also contributes to their volume and strength.

When we eat products rich in protein, it is broken down into amino acids during digestion, that go into the bloodstream, and then are distributed after the whole body. Zinc is an essential ingredient for proper the process of protein biosynthesis. So even if we accept a lot of proteins, without zinc our body will not be able to to make the most of them.

One of the main sources of zinc is red meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, nuts and seeds – especially pumpkin seeds.

Ginseng-Sein for men

Ginseng is a real richness of active compounds showing beneficial influence on many aspects of human body functioning. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a natural means of improving well-being and increasing the level of life energy. As an adaptogenic plant, it has a stress-relieving effect and tones the nervous system. It strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Ginseng improves our mental performance and regulates blood sugar levels, which prevents sudden drops in energy during the day. For men, properties increasing libido and sexual performance may be particularly important.

Suggested doses are 1 to 2 grams raw ginseng root or 200 – 400mg extract.

The most popular varieties of ginseng is American and Asian ginseng.

Ginseng is believed to be American has calming and relaxing properties, while when Asian ginseng has a stimulating effect.

Probiotics for men

Useful bacteria in the intestines contribute to the proper functioning of the human body. When prescribing probiotics to men or women, their beneficial effect on food digestion processes is most often mentioned, but not only.

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Other benefits associated with the use probiotics, include:

  • bowel enhancement;
  • supporting the functioning of the system of the immune system;
  • to support digestive processes;
  • increasing bioavailability of nutrients;
  • controlling your weight;
  • to combat inflammation;
  • stress relief and improvement of the mood;
  • beneficial effect on heart health and prostate;
  • to improve skin condition;
  • cholesterol lowering LDL.
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