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Recently I came across an article about sexuality in men over 40. It turns out that more than 70% of us already have problems with potency, which affect not only the quality of partner’s life, but also the well-being and health. Specialists recommend the use of supplements aimed at restoring masculinity, increasing libido and improving sexual life. Worried about the content of the article, I thought it might be time to think about some help. Recently I haven’t felt very well, and I haven’t had the desire for sex for a long time. I came across tablets of potency for men Viageon. I decided to pack 4 tablets.

Operation of Viageonu

According to the leaflet attached to the package Viageon:

  • increases libido
  • improves the intensity of orgasms
  • increases and lengthens erection
  • accelerates reactions to external stimuli
  • noticeably lengthens sexual intercourse

I was intrigued by these promises. To be sure, I also checked what’s in one tablet of the product.

Composition Viageonu

It turned out that the main active ingredients of Viageonu are based on natural products such as:

  • Muira Puama – for more libido
  • Ginger – for increased sexual experience
  • Calcium – more energy
  • Tribulus Terrestris – increasing libido again
  • Vitamin B3 pp – for better well-being
  • L-Arginine – even more energy
  • Sowing veneer – regulation of hormones

A full range of ingredients, which in combination should provide me with a desire for sex throughout the day, a strong erection and a unique experience. I took the tablet on the first day 30 minutes before the planned intercourse, as recommended…..

After 20 minutes my head hurt. I felt nausea and dullness. I spent the rest of the evening in bed, but alone and with my head under the duvet.

I tried again the next day, but the situation repeated itself. I decided that Viageon is not for me.

Review on Viageonu

Opinions about Viageonie vary from positive to quite negative. From what I have noticed, a lot of people complain about side effects, so they occur frequently. The product, which was supposed to improve erection, increase sensations and provide a lot of energy for sex, turned out to be something that excluded me from life for the rest of the day.

Of the four tablets on which I spent 15 € I still have two left. I don’t want to take them any more, I decided to try something else. My next choice is Member XXL, supposedly a revelation in improving potency. It was the courier who brought the first package, I will let you know if it was a good choice.


Improvement of masculinity Member XXL

I bought a stock for 1 month at a price of 49€. I couldn’t have spent that money better. On the package leaflet it is written that Member XXL:

  • thickens and lengthens the penis even up to 9 cm
  • increases the intensity of the orgasm
  • improves the quality of sexual life
  • increases libido
  • is completely safe for health

I have noticed an improvement in each of these aspects. And that’s right after the first application. So far I remember that evening, I had a lot of energy and willingness to act. Since then, each subsequent intercourse has been even better.

Composition Member XXL is very simple and works so well. In one capsule we will find it:

  • Chinese lemon fruit extract
  • extract from ginseng root
  • saffron extract
  • black pepper extract

These are all natural products, but the secret to the effectiveness of Member XXL lies not so much in the formula, but in the optimal dose of each ingredient. There is nothing too much, so there are no side effects.

member xxl packaging

After taking Member XXL I immediately felt more self-confident. I have more energy to act, my libido has improved a lot. And my penis…my wife did not complain. If you are looking for an effective remedy to increase your potency, visit the manufacturer’s website and order the first packaging Member XXL right now!

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