Unsuccessful date

It is known that in sex it is important to match temperaments. At the beginning of the marriage I and my ex-wife, Joanna, complemented each other perfectly. I didn’t understand the complaints of my friends, whose partners often pronounced themselves with headaches or something like that. I had no such problems with Aśka. She often wanted to, I was always able to stand up to the task. In terms of sex, our relationship was very successful.

However, it is known that for a successful marriage it is not enough. That is why I am here, an almost 50 year old divorcee. I still feel young, I think I don’t look like I’m old. I’ve always enjoyed the interest of women, although I tried not to pay attention to it when I still had a ring on my finger. Now everything has changed, I came back to the “game” and I would like to enjoy life again.

Over the last year my company has been going through a small crisis, so I didn’t have too much time for romances or making any acquaintances. However, the situation was brought under control and I gained more free time as a result. I decided to spend it in some special company. A workmate introduced me to a friend of his, whom I clearly looked at. I also liked Anka immediately. A well-kept and sporty brunette at the threshold of forty. What more do you want?

After several meetings in restaurants and cinema, Anka invited me to dinner and wine at home. I was excited because I expected how such a dinner would end. And I wasn’t mistaken – after a few glasses the atmosphere thickened and we landed in the bedroom. But I didn’t expect one thing, the only thing that had never happened to me before – that I wouldn’t be able to face up to it as a guy! By naming things by name, I could not achieve erection. The excitement was enormous, Anka had a wonderful body, in my imagination we did it in every position, and yet…. Nothing. I felt as if my penis did not belong to me.

Humiliated, I started to gather to leave. My friend tried to comfort me that it was nothing like that and that we probably drank too much wine, but I knew that she was really embarrassed by the situation as well. Who wouldn’t be? I am a guy in the strength of age, not some grandfather-impotent.

I returned home and couldn’t come to terms with my compromise. What has just happened? And why? Will it be like this now?

There is no such option! Do you know any good resources for potency?

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