Testolan – composition, operation, opinions. Raise your testosterone level and feel more manly!

Testosterone deficiency is a problem with that many men struggle with and not necessarily just in in your old age. Meanwhile, it’s a hormone essential for the proper functioning of the male organism. It’s him in the big is largely responsible for libido, erection intensity and increased the sexual experience. Testosterone also plays a key role in building muscle mass and strength and maintaining results of exercise at the gym.

Too little testosterone can result in reduced desire for sex, erectile dysfunction, problems with muscle mass gain, weakness and deterioration feeling. Sometimes physical problems, are caused by a decrease in the production of this hormone. Before we’ll start thinking about using artificial chemicals, which will supplement the testosterone, but may also show a number of of side effects, first it is worth knowing the cause of the problem, because we’ll speed up testosterone production in most cases, using a unique composition of natural ingredients.

What could be the reasons for the low testosterone levels in men?

The reason for the low level there could be a lot of testosterone in men. Most often, however. they result from a bad diet or a bad lifestyle. Stress and exhaustion affects the entire human body. They can to cause mood swings, even depression, often also cause hormonal disorders, including testosterone production, which it results in a drop in libido and a deterioration in potency, and that brings with it again, other consequences that may affect working life and private. So often all we have to do is take care by its own body, providing it with an appropriate dose of ingredients Nourishing, strengthening the whole body and helping it to fight with stress.

Other reasons for the decline testosterone is:

  • old age;
  • Testicular and scrotal trauma;
  • infections;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • genetic disorders;
  • some diseases.

It is worth remembering that the lowered Testosterone levels don’t always mean disease. On . on the contrary, it is much more often the result of a bad lifestyle, which we can improve with over-the-counter supplements and changing our approach a little bit. Physical activity and an adequate diet can do a lot of work, and in a normalized way The Testolan booster can also help with testosterone levels testosterone, consisting of compositions of the most effective active ingredients known to natural medicine.

What is a testosterone booster, that is How does Testolan work?

Testosterone booster is a supplement which aims to increase the natural production of testosterone in the body and accelerate the growth of muscle mass. This is usually done by increasing the amount of nitric oxide, responsible for relaxing blood vessels, which leads to a faster muscle pump effect. This allows you to exercise more and with greater intensity. Testosterone boosters also improve the blood supply to the penis and thus a stronger erection.

Dietary supplement for men Testolan, is a composition of 14 natural ingredients that increase testosterone production and strengthen other body functions. Thanks to a unique combination, created by experienced scientists, it was possible to produce tablets that work quickly, effectively and, most importantly, safely.

The Testolan increases natural testosterone production, strengthens the body, accelerating its regeneration and healthy muscle growth. It improves erections and increased libido, which increases sexual satisfaction. It helps to make me feel better of general well-being, which makes a man better it works every day.

In short, Testolan:

  • stimulates the body to produce more testosterone;
  • increases the effects of exercises of the force;
  • supports tissue burning processes fat;
  • raises libido and increases the sexual experience;
  • eliminates erectile dysfunction and accelerates the erection time.

Testolan is a food supplement, for weakened, powerless men of the vital ones who need a stimulus to act. They benefit from him both men, suffering from problems in the sphere as well as athletes, hoping for better results in their efforts. The product has been proven to work, and its high effectiveness we can owe it to the specially selected ingredients. And what kind of ingredients ingredients? Let’s see.

What is the composition of Testolanu – what can be found in the popular men’s supplement?

Testolan is a combination of 14 active ingredients that have been used for years in natural medicine to improve libido and sexual performance in men. These products also exhibit properties that improve regeneration and influence faster growth of muscle mass and increase strength during exercise. The secret is that Testolan contains such a dose of each ingredient that it ensures the highest effectiveness and at the same time is safe to use.

Fenugreek seed extract

Fenugreek is a very popular herb in natural medicine, which has been used for centuries between to improve men’s potency. This plant is characterized by is of high nutritional value. Fenugreek is a wealth mucous substances such as flavonoids, alkaloids, phytosterols and phospholipids. It also contains large amounts of protein, biotin and B vitamins. Fenugreek is also rich in minerals, such as fluorine, potassium, iron or calcium.

Studies on fenugreek show that it has properties that increase testosterone levels in men. In men who systematically take fenugreek extract there was also a decrease in the level of adipose tissue and to improve libido and sexual function.

How fenugreek affects growth testosterone concentrations? There are several theories. The most popular of the They say that the fenugreek saponin present in the seeds partly they block the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of testosterone, thus there’s more of it in the body. Another theory is that fenugreek increases the body’s sensitivity to androgens, including testosterone.

Ground mace

It is a plant species of the family Vaporiferous, which occurs mainly in Africa, Asia and Australia. The secret of this remarkable herb lies in the before steroid saponins, which act like of steroids, although they don’t show such side effects. Ground mace has been used in medicine for many years natural. It’s classified as an adaptogen, which means that allows the body to adapt to the prevailing conditions, so increases resistance to stress, accelerates regeneration or reduces fatigue.

In Indian folk medicine, mace ground-based was mainly used to raise libido and to improve sexual performance. It has been proven that this plant has a positive effect on the human hormonal system.

Among the best features the ground mace we’re distinguishing:

  • acceleration of mass growth of muscle;
  • to equalize testosterone levels;
  • strength and of exercise skills;
  • stress reduction and reduction fatigue;
  • acceleration of tissue burning fat;
  • faster regeneration;
  • regulation of blood pressure and testosterone levels.

DDA (D-Asparginic acid)

DDA affects the central area of the brain, causing the release of hormones such as hormone Luteinizing hormone, foliculotropic hormone and growth hormone. Sometimes also accumulates in the nuclei, limiting the rate of fusion testosterone, which causes the growth of this hormone in the body.

DDA acid is recommended both hard to train athletes, as well as men suffering from disorders of sexual function.

maca root extract

This is another very well-known medicine a natural plant that has been supporting the functioning of men for ages organisms. The maca root is classified as an adaptogen, so helps to adapt the body to the prevailing conditions. It has this The effect on increasing resistance to stress and reducing fatigue. The maca root is an excellent source of energy for athletes, It also supports the work of the brain, increasing concentration.

The maca root extract will allow provide the body with many vitamins and minerals. Studies show that it has a beneficial effect on the quality of semen in of men, so it can increase fertility. There are . evidence that improves endurance and performance in individuals active, promotes healthy muscle mass growth and better regeneration.

Korean Ginseng extract

Korean ginseng is another A natural ingredient with wonderful properties. It has been proven that this plant shows revitalizing properties and improves blood circulation. It contributes to lowering stress levels, reduced mental and physical fatigue. Studies also show that Korean ginseng improves mood, and those who take it systematically, less often they get depressed.

Korean ginseng also shows positive effect on sexual function in men. The tests showed, that it increases testosterone levels, increases libido and contributes to sexual satisfaction. It also fosters increased sperm motility, so it has a positive effect on fertility.

In addition, this plant regulates lipid metabolism, as well as lowering blood sugar and improves the functioning of the immune system.

Ashwagandha – extract from Indian ginseng root

Ashwagandha, also called vitania sluggish, known primarily for its properties adaptogenic. It has been shown that it has a beneficial effect on reducing stress, improving concentration and contributing to to reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Ashwagandha is also one of the the most popular testosterone stimulators, which means that increases its production and hormone levels in the body. It states a great antioxidant, protecting the body from the effects of free and thus before the oxidative stress.

Indian ginseng has a positive impact to immunity. It promotes the proper functioning of thyroid hormones, and also protects the nervous system and improves the mood.

Pomegranate fruit extract

Grenades have been treated for centuries as an aphrodisiac. This fruit is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men , and studies show that already one a glass of pomegranate juice a day, it can raise the level significantly of testosterone by up to 30%.

In men’s food supplements pomegranate fruit extract has a great effect on the increase testosterone, which also helps to increase productivity in the gym and improving libido and sexual experience.


This is one of the most important the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body a man. It shows a positive influence on the functioning of systems nervous and muscular. It promotes regeneration and muscle growth, It helps to think and concentrate. It regulates the heart and contributes to the correct bone structure.

Magnesium regulates testosterone levels in the blood, positively influencing the hormonal economy. It is supported by . to improve libido and enhance the sexual experience. It inhibits . erectile dysfunction and mood improvement, which can result in to increase self-confidence. Magnesium adds energy and vitality, and also reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.


This is an organic compound from the group of acid phospholipids. It is characterized by a negative charge, which makes it affect protein-related activities enzymatic. It improves the connections between the cells and prolonging the “life” of cells, which in turn for more efficient operation of many systems. Research have shown that it can increase the concentration dopamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, which means it favors to improve the mood, concentration and thinking.

Phosphatidylserine lowers the cortisol levels, so it’s anti-stress, and that’s what Excessive stress often causes erectile dysfunction in men. It helps athletes to build their silhouette, enabling healthy muscle mass development. It supports the nervous system, protecting against the effects of overtraining and promoting faster regeneration.

Vitamin E

It’s one of the most important vitamins, necessary for every human being. It is also called vitamin of youth because it is one of the strongest antioxidants, which means that it protects against free radicals, and with These prevent the ageing process and protect against development of cancer.

Vitamin E is full of important the function in our body. It enhances the functions of the immune system, supports skin condition, prevents vitamin A oxidation, regulates cholesterol levels. It affects the transmission of nerve impulses to of the muscles and makes their work easier, so that active men can work more and more efficiently, and that’s what makes it faster muscle mass increase. Vitamin E is also necessary for of semen production in men, so it affects fertility.



It is a very broad mineral to act. It is known to affect fertility and increases libido in men. It stimulates production testosterone and provides greater sexual satisfaction. It has a positive effect on the immune system, reducing the risk of the development of the infection. Among the properties of zinc we will also find to strengthen the condition of skin, hair and nails.

Zinc is accumulated in the glands of the sexes, ensuring their proper functioning. It may have beneficial effect on the rate and length of erections.

Zinc deficiency is classified as one of the most common causes of low testosterone levels in men.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. It supports the reduction and regulates blood sugar levels. It improves immunity, improves digestion, helps regulate cortisol levels, thanks to which mitigates the effects of stress. It reduces inflammation in the body and It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.


The substance contained in black pepper is known for its properties to help reduce of fat. Piperine effectively increases thermogenesis of the body, accelerating metabolic processes and improving fat excretion. Moreover, piperine increases the absorption other nutrients contained in the food supplement Testolan, further increasing the effectiveness of the product.

Is it worth to reach for the Testolan? What are there opinions about the product?

As we can see, the composition of the preparation is very varied, and each of the active substances is a proven product that has been used in natural medicine for years. In Testolan, a team of experienced scientists have combined these substances into one, creating a supplement with fast and effective action. Testolan is designed for active men and men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or want to improve their sexual performance. The product strengthens the entire body of the man, increasing the natural production of testosterone, which promotes both increased muscle mass and a better sexual experience.

Low testosterone levels very often is a problem that can be dealt with by using natural products in Testolan. Positive opinions about the supplement confirm its effectiveness. The Testolan has not for nothing become one of the leading supplements, working in two ways:

  • to improve performance in athletes;
  • to eliminate problems in the zone sexual intercourse in men.

Thousands of users recommend Testolan, claiming that it helped them feel masculine again. Systematic use of the product strengthens the whole body and helps to restore its natural processes to normal, so that the body develops better and responds faster to stimuli.

How much does Testolan cost and where to buy it?

To make sure we choose the original product, it is best to purchase it directly from the manufacturer’s side, by completing the order form. It is worth knowing that there are cheaper counterfeit products on the web, which may have a similar composition but differ in dose and will not be as effective.

1 pack of Testolanu costs 49 € 3 packages free! I think this is a very interesting opportunity.

Dietary supplement Testolan for men – I think it’s worth it

I have never before met with a dietary supplement for men with such advanced problems the composition. Interestingly, despite the great diversity, the Testolan is a completely safe product to use, does not show because no side effects. I believe this is a product a promising one that is worth betting on, both when we care about to improve physical fitness and training results, as well as when we are struggling with sexual problems.


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