Synephrine (bitter orange) – an ally in the fight against fatty tissue

Synephrine is a natural chemical compound appearing mostly in bitter orange fruit – Citrus aurantium. The properties of this plant became popular already in antiquity and were used in Chinese natural medicine. It is a substance that activates the processes of thermogenesis, i.e. maintaining body temperature. For this reason, it is increasingly used as a component of dietary supplements supporting weight loss treatment and weight building.

Synephrine and ephedrine

Synephrine is an organic compound which, like ephedrine, is classified as an alkaloid. These two substances have a characteristic chemical structure. They stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. It has a sympatheticomimetic effect, which accelerates heart rate and increases arterial hypertension. The difference between ephedrine and synephrine is visible in the force of the impact.

Ephedra or pseudoephedrine is a dangerous and forbidden agent that strongly stimulates the central nervous system, leading to life-threatening and life-threatening consequences. In addition, it is a very addictive substance, which in effect leads to toleration by the body and demand higher doses. Ephedrine is a common ingredient of cold preparations.

Synephrine is its milder substitute, it does not stimulate the body so rapidly, and its effects can be compared to those of a cup of coffee. It adds some energy, suppresses appetite and improves metabolism. However, it does not cause palpitations or heart failure, rapid increase in blood pressure, shortness of breath, trembling of limbs or sleep problems. It is proving to be effective in the fight against excessive obesity. For this reason, it is a component of a large number of dietary supplements to help lose weight and build muscle mass.

Operation and use of Synephrine

It is a safe substitute for ephedrine and has a similar effect to caffeine. First of all, it stimulates, adds energy, improves mood and respiratory function. It also causes more intensive blood flow. Due to these properties, it contributes to the expansion of the bronchi. Synephrine has a significant influence on the process of weight loss and the modeling of a sporty, slender silhouette. This substance stimulates lipolysis – decomposition of fats and thermgenesis, i.e. maintaining body temperature. The increased effect of lipolysis means faster decomposition of fats ingested in food, while also reducing the existing fat cells. Thermogenesis means an increase in body temperature and increased production of sweat by the sebaceous glands, resulting in higher energy expenditure and consequent burning of stored fat reserves by the body.

In addition, synephrine significantly suppresses excessive appetite, stops violent and unstoppable hunger attacks. Bitter orange extract also has detoxifying properties, i.e. cleansing, which is remarkable in the case of slimming people. For people who regularly take care of intensive physical activity, it is helpful, because it adds energy and vitality, and thus minimizes symptoms of fatigue or improves the efficiency of the body.

Synephrine – effects of use

Bitter orange extract used in doses recommended by specialists is safe for health and life. It also does not cause sudden side effects in the form of accelerated heart rate or sudden pressure peaks. There is also no synephrine withdrawal syndrome, which distinguishes it from ephedrine. The latter substance causes the symptoms characteristic of addiction. Synephrine is an alkaloid that works quite mildly, well stimulating the natural processes of lipolysis and thermogenesis.

As a result, it improves metabolism, acts as a detox, cleansing the body of all possible toxins and harmful substances. It evokes a feeling of satiety, limiting appetite. Prevents attacks of hunger and is an ally in the reduction of body fat, striving for a slim figure and building muscle mass.

When using supplementation synephrine combined with a healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercise, we will achieve results in the form of elimination of even the deepest deposition of adipose tissue. As a result, the stimulating effect of this substance will also contribute to a better mood and a higher dose of energy needed for physical activity.

Synephrine – how to use?

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Although it is a milder alternative to ephedrine is synephrine, it should be used according to the manufacturer’s strict recommendations. The daily intake of synephrine must be between 2 and 10 mg or 200-600 mg of bitter orange extract. The extract contains a much higher concentration because it contains other substances such as loctopamine or tyramine. At the very beginning, specialists recommend taking as little dose as possible, because our body has to get used to its action and its reactions have to be observed.

Synephrine should be cared for by people suffering from heart problems and hypertension. In addition, pregnant and nursing women, as well as those suffering from migraine, glaucoma, antidepressants and other nervous system stimulants must refrain from using it. During supplementation, it is essential to feed properly, as this substance can contribute to the leaching of essential micronutrients such as magnesium, potassium or calcium.

Synephrine – consumer opinions

Both ephedrine and synephrine are thermogenics, i.e. substances that burn fat intensively. It is best to take synephrine. This is evidenced by the many comments that can be found on the Internet. Many users emphasize the importance of safety and the fact that the rapid weight loss caused by ephedrine also means a sudden yoyo effect after the end of the treatment.

Instead of being unnecessarily exposed to very serious health effects, it is better to choose a calm and regular weight loss treatment with synephrine or another supplement containing bitter orange extract. One of them is the preparation Fast Burn Extreme, which is an innovative slimming agent with a complex composition. In addition to synephrine, its formula contains other natural substances such as Indian nettle, green tea, Turkish pepper, garcinia cambogia, and caffeine, which strengthens the effect of synephrine in terms of fat burning.

Fast Burn Extreme not only noticeably and instantly eliminates fat mass, but also provides a dose of energy, which improves the efficiency of the body and argues in the carving of the desired muscles.

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