Supplements for post-workout regeneration

One of the most important factors leading to increased muscle mass is proper regeneration. Each properly designed training plan should include days for rest, and the athlete’s dietshould include supplements for regeneration.

Contrary to popular belief, our our muscles don’t grow during the workout, but afterwards, when we replenish glycogen stores and provide muscle cells with nutrients nutrients necessary for growth. Unfortunately, many exercisers do not pay due attention to what they do outside the gym. gym. Insufficient sleep, poor diet or mistakes in the training training plan are just some of the factors that can distance us from achieving better and better results.

On the dietary supplement market you will find many products on the market whose task is to speed up the repair repair processes occurring in your muscles, so you can start your next training session fully You can find many products on the market whose task is to speed up muscle repair processes, so that you can start your next training session fully rested and prepared for even more intensive exercise. The products are designed to speed up the repair processes in your muscles.

Regeneration – the key to to bigger muscles

During intensive strength or endurance training micro-traumas occur in our muscles, which can cause discomfort and pain. In the case of exceptionally hard exercise, the popular ‘soreness’ may appear just a few hours after returning from the gym. Providing the right amount of building material in the post-workout period has a huge impact on activating repair processes and leads to the formation of muscle hypertrophy.

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During regeneration processes in our muscles rebuild muscle glycogen stores and ATP molecules which are the main source of energy which our body during physical exercise. The right amount of of rest positively influences the effect of adaptation of the body to training stimuli, thanks to which we will be able to be able to regularly increase the intensity of our exercise.

The best supplements for regeneration

Stress, work, insufficient amount of sleep sleep – these are only some of the factors influencing the deterioration our organism’s regenerative abilities. In combination with frequent and intensive exercise can very quickly cause the appearance of symptoms of overtraining. People who have problems with regeneration regeneration should take special care of the appropriate supply of calories and of calories and nutrients, take care of proper hydration and use hydration of the body and use effective regeneration supplements which to ensure proper hydration of the body and to use effective regeneration supplements which facilitate the return to full strength.

The best supplements for recovery include:

Recovery supplements – Proteinsupplements

Protein supplements allow you to quickly provide the building blocks needed by your muscles without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They are an excellent way to cover our daily protein requirements. Another advantage of the powdered version of proteins is their high bioavailability and easy digestibility. They quickly reach the muscle cells and do not cause gastric problems. There are many different versions of protein supplements available on the market, which we can choose according to our needs and preferences. From the most popular whey proteins to plant proteins suitable for people on a vegan diet.

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The advantages of protein supplements:

  • they accelerate the regeneration of muscle fibres;
  • contain a rich profile of amino acid profile;
  • provide building material for muscle cells muscle cells;
  • Provide a tasty alternative to to meals;
  • support in building dry muscle mass muscle mass;
  • facilitate reduction of fat tissue fat tissue reduction.

Recovery supplements – Amino Acids EAA

The essential amino acids EAA (essential amino acids) belong to the exogenous group, which the body is not able The body is not able to produce them on its own, so they must be supplied externally. externally. Some of them can be found in various food products foods, such as eggs or meat, but the best absorbed EAA are EAA is best absorbed in supplement form. Before buying a specific product, it is worth knowing that the optimal composition should contain at least at least 2000mg of L-Leucine per serving. It is the main amino acid which increases the activity of m-Tor kinase – an enzyme which enables the growth of ‘dry’ muscle mass. For For best effects, EAA amino acids should be taken during or after training.

Advantages of EAA amino acids:

  • optimise the processes regeneration;
  • facilitate building of lean muscle mass muscle mass;
  • influence the inhibition of catabolism;
  • stimulate protein synthesis;
  • reduce muscle soreness;
  • increase the effectiveness of training.

Supplements for regeneration – Glutamine

One of the most important endogenous amino acids synthesised by the body, used by athletes to speed up post-workout regeneration. The main action of glutamine is to increase the level of nitric oxide in muscles and to stimulate protein synthesis, which simultaneously facilitates the development of muscle mass. Glutamine stimulates the immune system, increases cellular energy levels and regulates blood sugar levels. An additional benefit is its positive effect on intestinal health and regulation of acid-base balance.

Advantages of glutamine:

  • shortens recovery time after injuries;
  • increases nitric oxide levels in muscle cells in muscle cells;
  • improves muscle protein synthesis muscle protein synthesis;
  • improves training effectiveness;
  • accelerates recovery time between workouts;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • increases energy levels;
  • reduces muscle soreness after training;
  • helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Recovery Supplements – Creatine

The most popular supplement among all exercisers, creatine has been shown to have many benefits that greatly increase the effectiveness of workouts, as well as maximize the repair processes occurring in muscles. Creatine stimulates muscle protein synthesis affecting increased hypertrophy and protects muscle cells from breakdown.

Creatine’s advantages:

  • inhibits catabolism;
  • accelerates regeneration;
  • facilitates muscle building;
  • increases strength and endurance;
  • reduces muscle soreness after training;
  • increases cellular energy levels.

Recovery Supplements – Citrulline

This is an endogenous amino acid taken pre-workout in a dose of at least 6 grams to increase the muscle “pump” effect. The mechanism of action of citrulline is to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels. This allows more nutrient-rich blood to reach your muscle fibres, which in turn leads to maximising anabolic processes in your body. Citrulline increases cellular energy levels, increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance, and significantly accelerates post-workout recovery.

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Benefits of citrulline:

  • increases blood supply to muscles;
  • increases endurance;
  • accelerates regeneration;
  • boosts energy;
  • increases cell hydration.

Omega 3

Unsaturated essential fatty acids Fatty acids have been shown to have many health-promoting benefits. Increased demand for omega 3 is in the minds of people who exercise. Their main benefit is an increase in training efficiency, inhibiting catabolism and reducing post-workout muscle soreness muscles. Omega 3 have an effect on stimulating the m-Tor pathway, which directly translates into an increased ability to building muscle mass.

The benefits of omega 3 acids:

  • increase protein synthesis;
  • reduce states of nervous tension nervous tension;
  • increase resistance to stress;
  • reduce cortisol levels;
  • accelerate regenerative processes regeneration processes;
  • fight inflammation;
  • help in the reduction of fat tissue fat.
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