StartErotique – effective penis enlargement with a gel of natural composition

A successful sex life is of tremendous importance for all men, especially from a psychological point of view, but it is also important for their physical health. For a variety of reasons, it is not always possible to maintain full sexual performance, and waning libido is affecting an increasing number of men. It can happen to anyone, regardless of age, older or younger, and it’s important to begin to counteract it immediately after noticing the first symptoms. The biggest problem is not accepting the size of your penis and erectile dysfunction. You need to quickly find an effective solution to these, to put it mildly, frustrating problems, and it is StartErotique , a gel supplement composed of safe ingredients of natural origin.

What can cause growing frustration from a failed sex life?

 male potency

The use of StartErotique is an effective, recommended remedy for problems with penis size, difficulty getting an erection and reduced libido. However, before reaching for it, it is necessary to get acquainted with the causes of such an unfavorable state of affairs. This will help avoid embarrassing situations when the member fails at the most important moment, which causes not only a feeling of embarrassment, but can also lead to depression and disrupt relationships with a partner. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is due to our own carelessness, unhealthy lifestyle, which quickly leads to a deterioration of overall health, a decrease in potency, and specialists point to the following and most common causes of this:

  • alcohol abuse and cigarette smoking, which can completely disrupt potency and make it impossible to get an erection. Alcohol is the biggest enemy of male sexual performance, and cigarettes can cause vein clogging and difficulties with proper blood flow;
  • diet detrimental to sexual performance, lacking the nutrients responsible for it, based on products that lower libido, saturated fats, sugar, salt, fast food, sugary sodas, highly processed foods;
  • the size of the penis making it difficult to have intercourse, which, in the absence of appropriate countermeasures, has a negative impact on relationships in a relationship, becoming a cause of severe stress at the very least;
  • too low levels of key sex hormones, including testosterone necessary for intercourse, an important factor in fertility and the ability to maintain full sexual capacity;
  • inadequate blood flow to the penis, disturbing blood flow in the intimate area, making it difficult, and in some cases impossible, to obtain and maintain a firm erection;
  • disorders of a psychological nature, often originating as early as childhood leading to a perception of sex as something evilego, which sometimes extends into later life, leading to increasing erection problems and sexual frigidity;
  • mechanical damage to the penis, e.g. as a result of an accident;
  • Lack of exercise, the most common cause of overweight and obesity, which is also responsible for the decline in libido and physical fitness and endurance necessary for satisfying intercourse.

What methods of enlarging the penis can lead to damage?

Erectile dysfunction alone is a problem that cannot be passed by, but it is often joined by dissatisfaction with the size of the penis, which makes many men opt for radical and dangerous methods of enlarging it. It is better to rely on the natural active ingredients of the innovative StartErotique gel in this regard and not to use two extremely dangerous methods, and experts warn especially against:

  • the use of mechanical pumps and expanders, i.e. stretching the tissue of the penis, which often leads to tearing and serious, irreversible health complications, including complete impotence or tissue necrosis;
  • risky surgical procedures, also involving the risk of complications, even permanent damage to the penis.


StartErotique gel formulation, natural and safe, which can be fully trusted

Let’s face it, our lifestyle is important for maintaining full sexual performance for years to come, and it’s worth keeping a close eye on your body during this time. In case any of the above-mentioned obstacles appear, it is better to opt for proven, natural and, above all, completely safe and without side effects. It is enough to regularly use the gel StartErotique , so that all problems with erection quickly become only an unpleasant memory, and the size of the penis significantly increased.

This is possible thanks to the active ingredients that this gel contains, which are harmless to health, natural, without side effects. However, the manufacturer recommends checking in advance whether you are allergic to any, and is not responsible for the occurrence of individual allergic reactions. Each portion of the gel has in its composition:


There is no denying that cosmetic petroleum jelly is excellent for moisturizing dry skin, including on the penis, which is why it was includedincluded in the composition of this unique gel for enlarging the penis and getting rid of all the problems that can lead to sudden drops in libido. Such effects are due to the presence in it of many vitamins, antioxidants and mineral salts, thanks to which:

  • protects the penis from abrasions, irritation or even wounds that can occur as a result of excessive dryness of the epidermis;
  • takes care of skin hydration, from the epidermis to the deep layers of the dermis, while retaining moisture inside;
  • increases the sensation of sexual stimuli, increases the sensitivity of the penis and helps to significantly extend the duration of intercourse.

Cinnamon oil

It is extracted as a kitchen spice, in the form of a powder from the bark of the exotic cinnamon tree, which has many varieties, growing in Egypt, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam, among others. It also serves as a component in the production of an oil containing a whole host of valuable nutrients, the most important of which for male libido are:

  • vitamin A, which fights harmful reactive oxygen species, called free radicals, so it is an antioxidant, plus it boosts immunity;
  • B vitamins: thiamine (B1), which conditions the production of testosterone and improves blood circulation; riboflavin (B2), responsible for the functioning of the nervous system, including neurotransmittersin conducting sexual impulses, niacin (B3), regulating the circulatory system, improving blood circulation by dilating the walls of blood vessels;
  • vitamin C, ascorbic acid, the best defender of the body’s cells against the harmful effects of free radicals, i.e. the effects of oxidative stress;
  • minerals, salts of zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium and iron.

Thanks to the content of the above-mentioned amounts of active substances, we can count on the action of StartErotique gel:

  • a lot of energy for sex;
  • elimination of factors that disrupt this;
  • a good flow of blood to the penis, thanks to which difficulties in obtaining an erection will disappear;
  • a perceptible enlargement of the penis, in length and thickness, which will make rapprochement extremely satisfying.

Benzyl nicotinate

Benzyl nicotinate was not included in the composition of this gel by accident. This was caused by its numerous properties proven to restore sexual performance and enlarge a too-small penis. In combination with the other ingredients, it is characterized by a wide range of action, and above all it is worth highlighting such properties as:

  • increasing the perception of sensations felt during sexual intercourse;
  • support of the weakened body, improving fitness, endurance, strength and physical performance;
  • bringing relief to excessively dry skin, especially on the penis, and protecting it from painful injuries, abrasions or irritation.

StartErotique – the positive reviews it has received are fully deserved

Active ingredients StartErotique meet all requirements and provide satisfactory results for anyone who decides to use this gel. Its numerous advantages are also pointed out by experts in the field of erectile dysfunction and natural, non-invasive penis enlargement. Users and specialists give the gel positive reviews, highlighting the followingbenefits of its use:

  • the ability to easily maintain an erection during intercourse, which increases by 5 times thanks to the increased volume of the corpora cavernosa, as shown in studies;
  • higher production of nitric oxide, needed to expand the walls of blood vessels, thus improving blood supply to the penis and increasing its size;
  • maintenance of an adequate amount of testosterone, and the gel increases the production of this important hormone by up to 74%, which will be felt in the form of a stronger erection and no potency disorders;
  • no risk of premature ejaculation;
  • a safe, natural, side-effect-free formula, in the vast majority of cases causing no side effects except for individual allergic reactions;
  • feeling more intense sensations during intercourse, and the gel also provides longer orgasms and sexual readiness even several times a night;
  • the ease of application of the gel, which only needs to be applied to clean, dry penis skin some time before intercourse;
  • the lasting effects, even after the treatment with this gel is completed.


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