Prostaffect – what is it? How does it work? What is its composition? Get rid of prostate problems!

The prostate, or prostate gland, is a body that is part of the male reproductive system. It is located under the bladder in the smaller pelvis, and its rear part adheres directly to the rectum. Prostate has a very important reproductive function. She is responsible for the production of a liquid carrier for sperm to facilitate their transport to the oocyte. The gland is surrounded by muscles smooth, which, when shrunk, leads to ejaculation. Through the inside of the prostate passes through the urethra. Illnesses such as prostatitis leads to prostate enlargement. The walls of the gland they push on the coil, causing its light to narrow, which results in difficulties in urination. Prostate problems usually appear in men who are over 40 and they touch 2/3 of them.

How do you recognize prostatitis? Learn about the symptoms

The symptoms of prostatitis usually they appear gradually and can be detected quite early. However, it happens that the deterioration of health occurs suddenly, then we have acute prostatitis. Disregarding all symptoms can contribute to the deterioration of semen, the appearance of blood in sperm and a significant decline in sexual desire. To other symptoms prostatitis we’re getting:

  • urinary incontinence;
  • frequent pressure on the bladder urine;
  • elevated temperature;
  • severe pains in the perineum;
  • annoying, burning pain during urinating;
  • enlarged prostate in the test per rectum;
  • difficulties in attaining and to maintain an erection;
  • decline in quality of life sexual;
  • premature ejaculation.

How to prevent prostatitis?

The most common cause of inflammation prostate (stump) is a bacterial infection of the colon, that entered the body through sexual intercourse or through blood. The presence of bacteria in the blood may result in infection systemic, which is a life-threatening condition. Long-term being in a sitting position is very harmful to our and adversely affects prostate health. Nothing strange that the professional group that they most often touch prostate function problems, there are drivers and office workers. As you get older, your male hormone levels fall which can also lead to prostate overgrowth. An additional factor that may cause the condition there is low sexual activity causing stagnation secretions in the seed tubes and frequent change of partner increasing the risk of infection.

According to the principle “prevention is better than cure” it is worth taking care of your quality of life by increasing your physical activity and eliminating dietary mistakes from your diet. This will perfectly affect the general condition of our body. We should not forget about frequent intercourse. Sex is not only pleasant and useful but also very healthy. Men who have not reacted early enough and feel the symptoms of prostatitis often use pharmacy drugs, which are characterized by a significant number of side effects. An alternative to these drugs is the Prostaffect natural supplement for prostatitis. Its components improve the functioning of the prostate and increase sexual performance.


What is Prostaffect? What does it consist of and how does it work?

Prostaffect It is a dietary supplement with a specially developed formula based on natural and fully safe ingredients. The effect of this product is multi-stage. The active ingredients alleviate prostate inflammation, reduce pain and normalize the size of the prostate. In the next stage Prostaffect influences the maintenance of good prostate health and improves the functioning of the urinary system. The natural extracts contained in the product promote an increased desire for sex and stimulate the endocrine system. Let us take a closer look at the ingredients of Prostaffect dietary supplements:

Saw Palmetto

So, the palm berry extract of sabbala. It is characterized by high efficiency in regulating the correct level of testosterone, the most important male a hormone that affects libido levels. Saw palmetto shows strong anti-inflammatory effect reducing swelling of the gland tissue of the crotch. Stimulates the immune system and favourably affects the condition of the urinary tract. In addition, the palm tree extract The sabre is reducing the activity of hormones responsible for the formation of cancer cells in prostate tissue.

Cereal pollen extract

This product is a common ingredient many agents used in prostate diseases. It shows the effect anti-inflammatory and anti-edema reducing the symptoms of inflammation prostates. It relaxes the smooth muscle of the urethra, improving urinating functions. It affects the contraction of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which is conducive to achieving and maintaining an erection.

Ascorbic acid

Otherwise The popular vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants. Laboratory tests have shown that he can to slow the growth of prostate cancer cells. Vitamin C prevents the growth of bacteria in the urinary system causing inflammation and prostate enlargement.


It shows strong properties antioxidant. It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of quercetin in reducing more than 60% of patients are affected.


Zinc is an essential element for proper functioning of the genitourinary system. The relevant the supply of zinc is conducive to maintaining the correct level testosterone and sexual performance. Too low a concentration This element leads to many health problems related to with prostate function.


It alleviates the symptoms of prostate hyperplasia. and has a positive effect on the function of the system of urine.


This is plum extract African, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the urinary tract in men and facilitates urination.

Fatty acids Omega 3

The Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating. They reduce the symptoms associated with mild prostate hypertrophy and support the proper functioning of the whole of the body.

What gives Prostaffect? What are the effects?

Prostaffect is a great and very safe alternative to synthetic drugs. The product has proven effective in 98% of patients aged 40 to 70 years participating in clinical trials. The natural composition of Prostaffect based on crystal clear plant extracts guarantees quick effects without side effects. The first noticeable effects of the product can be seen already after the first week of use, when the pain is significantly reduced. In the next stage of taking the supplement, the functioning of the urinary system is improved, which reduces the frequency of visits to the toilet. Monthly treatment allows you to free yourself from painful problems, intensively affects prostate health and improves your sexual performance.

Prostaffect – opinions users and experts

Effective and comprehensive action Prostaffect dietary supplement is confirmed by thousands of satisfied users who have got rid of their painful ailments and urinary problems. A significant improvement their erotic life has also succumbed. Through the use of The Prostaffect can again enjoy and enjoy sex pleasure. Doctors specializing in glandular diseases They recommend the product to their patients who report positive effect of Prostaffect already after one month of use. Experts also appreciate the natural composition of the preparation, safe also for the elderly.

Prostaffect – where to buy?

Prostaffect can be ordered directly through the contact form. After filling it in, we will receive a phone call from a consultant, with whom we will discuss shipping details. When you order, you will receive a discount of up to 50% of the actual price. This innovative and natural product for prostatitis is now available for about 40 €. The increasing popularity of the product has led to the appearance of many counterfeits of much lower quality on the market. Don’t risk it and buy Prostaffect today on the manufacturer’s side.


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