Practice at home or at the gym – how and where to practice?

We all know that regular exercise has a positive effect on our condition and strength. At the gym, with sweat, we pour out our daily stress associated with work life, thereby adding a powerful energy boost and significantly improving our health, which can contribute to a longer life.

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The decision to start training is as important as where we’re gonna practice. And there’s something to choose. In the last few years, there has been a great deal of a positive trend in health and fitness. On a rising tide the popularity of an active lifestyle has resulted in a lot of fitness clubs that offer us professional equipment, and the care of instructors, which is particularly important for people who are just starting their sporting adventure. However, some people prefer to practice at home and there’s nothing strange about that. It’s a… It’s a… more convenient option, without the need for special equipment and definitely cheaper, because we do not have to buy a ticket on our own, home gym, we also save money on commuting. What are advantages of gym training, what kind of home training and how to exercise, to get the required effects of your sculpted and muscular silhouette?

Practice at home or in the engine room – advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of training on gyms

  • Professional equipment – modern gyms are equipped with many machines and equipment for strength and fitness exercises. They also offer the care of a trainer who will explain exactly what exercises are the most effective and how to perform them, which is particularly important for beginners, because it helps protect themselves from injury, and thus makes the training more enjoyable. A large amount of available load will allow us to regularly progress our strength results. You can choose from a wide range of equipment for fitness training: treadmills, stationary bikes, steppers, orbital computers, ergometers. Many gyms offer group classes for their clients such as aerobics, tabata, crossfit, and even martial arts or dance course. Modern fitness clubs are also a place where we can relax in the sauna or enjoy a massage and buy necessary supplements in a well-equipped shop.
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  • Motivation – presence at the gyms of other people exercising positively influences our interpersonal relations, allows to motivate each other, and also there’s an element of rivalry. The fee for a gym ticket may be be an additional incentive as well.
  • Concentration – on the engine room there’s nothing to distract and distract us from… from what we have to do. We can concentrate 100% on to do a good workout.
  • Energy – there’s something about being at the gym, sweating with others, which gives us a huge kick. We often draw our energy from other people, which can force us us to work even harder. We don’t want this one the guy next door looked better than us?

Training disadvantages on the gym.

  • Costs – to be able to practice at the gym, you must purchase a pass that entitles you to to use the services of the club, most often for a month. This requires us to release from a few dozen to even a few dozen or so. a few hundred zlotys. Prices depend on the size of the city, in to which the gym is located, the type of lift pass due to the number of inputs that can be realized on it and from the equipment, that’s available at the club in question. This is something that is often added to travel costs.
  • Time – training at the gym usually requires us to devote at least an hour to it. It’s not that. time spent exclusively on training, commuting to the gym takes up precious minutes, plus a shower, a change of clothes, and… talking to other people. In smaller clubs, we often have to wait for the the “availability” of the equipment on which we intend to practice.
  • People, here is another thing about the gym: it is full of people, especially during the coming holidays. For some, their company is an advantage, while for others it is a big disadvantage. Some people may be embarrassed by the fact that others will see their not very aesthetic appearance after a hard workout, smeared makeup or sweaty shirt. In gyms we meet different people, if you do not like the company of posers with smartphones, dressed in branded training “outfits” and hate the close presence of people who do not pay too much attention to hygiene issues, the gym may not be the best place for you.

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Practice at home – strengths

  • Convenience – you don’t need to pack a heavy bag of clothes and towels or go anywhere to train at home. You can exercise at any time of the day or night, making it easy to adjust the schedule of the day so that your workout does not interfere with other tasks or take up a lot of time. At home, you can listen to your favourite music during training, which motivates you to work harder.
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  • Savings – training at home does not require any financial contribution from us. We can perform effective training with the use of our own body weight and “equipment” available in every home, such as: sofa, chairs, stairs, wall, door. However, if we want to diversify our home training, we can buy a few elements that will certainly enable us to do so. An adjustable bench, a pull bar, expanders, rubber and a pair of adjustable dumbbells will be useful in a home gym.
  • Variety – when practicing at home, we can easily adjust our training program to avoid boredom or stagnation. If a given exercise does not give us any more pleasure, we can change it to another one. On the Internet you will find many exemplary trainings for all muscle parts that we can perform at home.

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Practice at home – faults

  • Excuses – practicing in the home, we’ll probably find a thousand ways to skip training, especially if we’re not entirely motivated. There’s also a lot of things that are deconcentrating. It takes a lot a great deal of firmness to give up your favorite film or play with the kids to do the training.
  • No room – The rooms in our house are unfortunately not a large fitness room. The small amount of space significantly reduces the comfort of training and our safety. We have to be careful while we’re doing the exercises, not to hook up with a TV, a cupboard or a chandelier. Equipment that we bought it, it takes up a lot of space, and it can scratch the panels.
  • People – disturbing The people who want something from us all the time are probably the biggest. the problem of training at home, especially if you practice in a small one a flat, we have children or poorly forgiving neighbors who are can be disturbed by “noises” coming from our apartment. training.

Some people think that home training is less effective than gym training. The answer is that it depends. Mainly from whether the exercises you perform are difficult enough to force the adaptation of muscles to the workout loads, and thus their growth. This is a key element of any training program, and if you miss this point, training at home and at the gym may not produce the required results.

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How to practice in home – examples of exercises

Here are some of the best exercises from using the weight of our own body that we can carry out in a domestic environment.

  1. Pulling up on the bar – one of the best exercises developing the entire upper part of our body. We can freely change the position of the hands on the stick, thus influencing the greater involvement of arm or back muscles.
  2. Squats are definitely the best exercise for developing thigh muscles and shaping buttocks. When the basic version of this exercise is no longer difficult for us, we can try to perform the so-called pistol squats, i.e. sit on one leg.
  3. Push-ups – a classic exercise involving chest, arm and shoulder muscles to the greatest extent. We can make its more difficult version with the use of e.g. chair backrests, which is a great alternative to push-ups on railings.
  4. Board – this inconspicuous exercise is a great way to strengthen the strength of muscles stabilizing our body. On the Internet we will find many versions of this exercise, which can be adjusted to our level of advancement.
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