Piperine – properties and applications. How does piperine affect the human body?

Piperine is a pepper component, responsible for its spicy taste. It is a substance known for slimming properties, which makes it very often is used in dietary supplements for weight loss. These are not but the only properties of this ingredient, it has also used in medicine. It turns out that Piperine can protect us from various serious illnesses. Let’s see what piperine is, how it works on our bodies and whether it’s worth putting her on a diet?

What is piperine?


Piperine is an alkaloid, that occurs in the pepper, known to give this spice spicy taste. This ingredient also has a wide range of properties health, although it is most commonly used in preparations for slimming as it accelerates thermogenesis, improving processes of fat burning. Let’s see how piperine works on slimming and what are its other properties.

Piperine for slimming – how does it work?

Piperine supports thermogenesis, that is the process of generating heat, thus stimulating the processes of fat burning by the body. Recent research also shows, that piperine can have a beneficial effect on weight loss, by interfering with the activity of the genes that control cell formation fat.

Piperine and cancer.

Studies have shown that the contained in pepper piperine can inhibit the development of cancer cells breast cancer. This gives hope for the future of the drug based on this ingredient and contained in turmeric. On However, these substances are not used to combat of cancer in medicine.

Piperine for albinism

Whiteness is characterized by the lack of the pigment in the skin, hair and iris of the eyes. This leads to the spread of white spots, often with dark edges. Although this condition does not cause pain, it is quite serious an aesthetic defect.

Studies show that piperine and its derivatives can help to multiply melanocytes (cells (skin colouring) in persons with acquired albinism detected.

Piperine by heart and improvement The mood

The frequent consumption of piperine can effectively affect memory and concentration. Supplementation This component is recommended in particular for people who have memory problems. This substance also slows down neurodegeneration and can protect against the development of the disease Alzheimer. Some tests also showed that piperine can relieve the symptoms of depression.

Piperine supports digestion and vitamin absorption

Piperine increases juice secretion of the stomach, improving digestion. It also helps absorption of certain mineral vitamins, among others:

  • selenium;
  • beta-carotene;
  • Vitamin B
  • of the Q10 coenzyme;
  • curcumin.

Antibacterial properties and analgesic piperines

Piperine also has an effect antibacterial. The appropriate dose of the extract from black pepper can fight staphylocococcus aureus, among others (Staphylococcus aureus) and other bacteria, such as: Klebsiella aerogenes, Chromobacterium violaceum or Bacillus sphaericus. Piperine also has analgesic effects and anti-inflammatory.

How to use piperine?

The recommended dose of piperine is 5-10 mg, 1-2 times a day for about 3 months. After a 2-month break, the treatment can be repeated.

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Piperine tablets are used in herbal stores, pharmacies and healthy food stores. The standard concentration of piperine in such tablets is about 60 a percentage, but the most effective products are those containing it 95 percent. Of course, you can also bet on eating yourself pepper, but the concentration of piperine in this spice is only 6 percent, and excessive pepper consumption can lead to adverse effects such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.

Piperine is also often used as one of the ingredients in slimming products. When combined with other natural fat burning products, it can help accelerate the effects of losing weight.

Piperine is also found in some male dietary supplements, such as Testolan or Nutrigo Lab Burner.

Who can use piperine and who can should he avoid it? Contraindications

Can the piperine be supplemented everybody? As a natural substance, it is largely safe for health, as long as someone is not allergic to the ingredient. However, you should take it reasonably. You should know that Piperine can react with different drugs, accelerating absorption of certain ingredients.

Pepper abuse can be also harmful to people with stomach problems, especially for those who suffer from reflux or struggle with stomach ulcers. Piperine increases gastric juice secretion, which can contribute to heartburn and unpleasantness associated with with the digestive system. Piperine can also irritate the stomach mucosa.

Piperine is recommended to be used with with curcumin, which increases the positive effect of this component.

Piperine – summary

Piperine is a natural compound with a wide range of health properties. Although it is most popular as a weight loss support, it also improves concentration, protects against cancer, albinism and other more serious diseases. Used systematically in an appropriate dose, it can contribute to improving the health condition of every person.

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Piperine is most commonly used by people on a weight-loss diet and athletes on reduction. Research shows that it can have a positive effect on health of each one of us, so you should consider a supplement to this of the ingredient.

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