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Recently I have noticed some problems with physical and sexual activity. After my illness it was difficult for me to get back in shape, which affected not only my personal life, but also disturbed my daily life. As an active person who exercises a lot, I wanted to deal with the problem as quickly as possible. So I was looking for something that would help me regain my energy and at the same time influenced the libido and erection. I wasn’t interested in any artificial substances, so I decided to do something about natural composition. So I came across Permen King.

Action Permen King

The task of the product is to maintain the correct level of testosterone and increase energy, which improves mood and gives more motivation to act. As it is mainly made up of natural products, it has no side effects and is designed to improve well-being and immunity in general.

Thanks to its concentrated action, it influences libido and helps to increase sexual activity. This is a product for adult men who are struggling with problems similar to mine.

Composition Permen King and effects of use

In one capsule Permen King we will find such substances as:

  • l-arginine
  • mace
  • large-fruited cranberries
  • extract from ginseng root

And a few auxiliary substances. Probably every athlete knows these ingredients and knows that they are often used in supplements for athletes in order to add energy and increase the efficiency of training.

I started to take Permen King, hoping to get rid of the constant fatigue and increase libido. As this is a natural product, I had a good mood after it and quickly noticed that I had more energy to act. Unfortunately, my libido did not improve, I still had problems in bed.

Looking through the reviews of Permen King, I found out that this is a product whose performance is quite poor, despite its high popularity. I started to regret the €9 spent (that was the price of Permen King) and started looking for something new.

This friend offered me Testolan. The price of the potency tablets shocked me a little, because the cost of one package is 45 €. Nevertheless, I decided to try it, because my friend praised it very much, so I went to the manufacturer’s website and ordered it. Well, we will see what the results will be, I hope it will be good.


Testolan on potency and on muscles! Revelation!

Listen, I started the treatment Testolan less than a month ago and immediately order the next package. Not only did the product work very quickly, but in full. I’m in the gym three times a week and every training is successful. What’s more, I noticed that my muscles grow faster and my silhouette started to carve nicely. Most importantly, however, that Testolan also helped me with the latter problem. Since I’ve been taking it, I feel like having sex and have no problem with erection. I feel great, I have a lot of energy and at last I am happy with life. And all this thanks to a complex of natural ingredients.

Testolan tablets


Although Permen King also consisted of nature, in Testolan we have more ingredients that work effectively on both muscle and potency. This is what we will find in one capsule:

  • fenugreek
  • mace
  • matzo
  • DAA
  • Korean grenadier
  • ashwagandha
  • magnesium
  • pomegranate seeds
  • vitamin E

And auxiliary substances. As you can see, the composition of Testolan is much more varied than in the case of Permen King, and the products contained therein are characterized by higher efficiency.

In my opinion Testolan is the No. 1 product in both cases. I recommend it to all men who, like me, want to return to good physical condition in the gym and sex life. Opinions about Testolan speak for themselves, and I join the positive reviews.

Update 2:

I forgot to mention that now you can catch up on interesting discounts on Testolan. Do you want to buy cheaper? HERE you will find Testolan with a 20% discount!

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