Does Penigen 500 work? Effects, opinions, composition of popular tablets for penis enlargement

Penigen 500 capsules

If you are not satisfied with the size of your masculinity and because of this you feel insecure and your sex life is not one of the most successful, it is worth finally changing this state of affairs! The answer to your problems are penis enlargement pills, which you can buy without prescription on the Internet. Penigen 500 is one of the most popular preparations of this type. We check how it presents itself in terms of its composition and action, what opinions are circulating about it and whether it is worth using, or maybe it is better to replace it with something else.

Penigen 500 – action

Penigen 500 is a composition of six ingredients, which, as we read on the manufacturer’s website, are to cause “activation of the penis”. This term covers: increased length and thickness of the penis, increased testosterone production, stronger and longer lasting erection, increased sex drive. The action of Penigen 500 seems promising, but it is worth asking if it is possible to fulfill these promises with the use of ingredients contained in this preparation.


Penigen 500 – composition

It turns out that the rich, six-element composition of the preparation does not have to be its advantage at all. The selection of active substances is not very impressive. L-cysteine amino acid, vitamins D3 and B6 and minerals, including zinc and magnesium – this is the whole composition of Penigen 500. The fact that these elements have a positive effect on male health, may to some extent contribute to an increase in libido, erection or increase in vitality and energy, but their effect is not very intense. There is a definite lack of concentrated extracts from medicinal plants, which have a positive effect on male potency and penis size.

Penigen 500 – effects

As we read on the official website of the product, Penigen 500 causes enlargement of cavernous bodies and better blood flow through the male reproductive organs, which have a positive effect on the intensity of erections. The effect of Penigen 500 is also to be a general improvement in sex life, which consists of: greater willingness to have sex, better sexual performance, increased penis volume, each time “being ready”. One cannot fail to notice that the promised array of positive effects is very wide, as for a preparation composed of one amino acid, vitamins and minerals, devoid of extracts from medicinal plants.

Penigen 500 – opinions

Penigen 500 is not a preparation evaluated extremely badly, but for top products in this category it is a bit lacking. Opinions about Penigen 500 are divided. They happen to be very flattering, they can also be quite negative, but most of them are “in-between”, i.e. they say that the product has only half-measured its purpose. Gentlemen using Penigen 500 most often think that the product slightly raises the libido and helps to achieve a better erection than before, but the effects are not as strong as they expected.

Member XXL – similar, yet different….

Some time ago a dietary supplement for men named Member XXL appeared on the market. As you can see, it is definitely the leader in the number of positive opinions against the background of competing products. It has a wide range of supporters in the form of men who have previously come across ineffective penis enlargement tablets with medium or no effect and who now, as they repeat, have finally found what they wanted! The preparation also satisfies men who have not been in contact with any other supplements of this kind – those who often talk about the unexpectedly good, and even impressive effects of the preparation Member XXL.


What is the reason for such a high effectiveness of capsules Member XXL? The composition of the preparation speaks for itself – 8 active substances, 7 of which are extracts from medicinal plants with proven effects (e.g. from the ground mace, sabal palm, Chinese lemon, saffron), which have been used for hundreds of years for problems with erection, lowered libido and too small size of the penis. The composition of capsules Member XXL is complemented by l-arginine, which positively influences potency and increases the effect of plant extracts contained in the preparation.

Member XXL – action and effects of application

Plant extracts that have been valued for centuries, which have a huge impact on male sexuality, enriched with arginine – this composition is able to convince even the greatest skeptic. When taken regularly, the preparation Member XXL increases the girth and length of the penis by a few cm. According to some men asked after a full, 3-month treatment with Member XXL their member gained even 7-8 cm! It is the effect of strong action of the preparation, which causes an intensive increase in blood supply to the genitals and gradual expansion of cavernous bodies in the penis. As you take the capsules Member XXL the erection becomes stronger and the member “grows” to spectacular sizes over time. In addition to the pronounced penis enlargement, the effect of the preparation Member XXL is also:

  • stronger stimulation, growth of libido;
  • a better sexual experience (for your partner and for you);
  • achieving a long-lasting, full erection without any problems;
  • increase in energy and vitality, better sexual performance.
memberXXL tablets

The first effects in the form of increased sex drive and stronger erection can be observed already after a few days of using the preparation Member XXL. After 3 weeks, the average size of the penis increases by 2 centimeters, as the treatment progresses, the effects of use are becoming clearer.

Member XXL price – where to buy

Member XXL is a safe for health, effective preparation for penis enlargement, the quality of which is confirmed by dozens of satisfied men. The price of the product is not the lowest, but for good quality you always have to pay a little bit. On the other hand, looking at the prices of similar products, the cost of preparation Member XXL is not at all exorbitant. If you buy a stock of 3 packages you will pay €98 and if you buy 6 packages the cost will amount to €147.00. If you want to have a quality guarantee, order Member XXL only on the official website of the manufacturer.


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