Mass Extreme – opinion, action, effects. How fast I took on the masses. My story

Starting my adventure with the gym, I didn’t even suppose that it would draw me so much. The longer I practiced, the more I demanded of myself and counted on the best possible results. Of course, anyone who has ever practiced is well aware of the fact that without supplementation it is difficult to build a silhouette as one would like it to be. I decided to try a conditioner that would help me to gain weight faster. I decided to recommend it at the gym Mass Extreme and I want to share with you my opinion about this product.

Action Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme is a modern product, building muscle mass, which has already gained considerable popularity. Its task is to strengthen the body by adding energy and increasing efficiency. As a result, we exercise longer, carry more and more willingly. The result is faster muscle mass gain.

Mass Extreme helps us grow not only because it affects our body, providing it with more motivation to act. It contains concentrated ingredients that stimulate the natural processes of testosterone production and growth hormone, directly affecting the increase in muscle volume. Mass Extreme also enables more efficient body shaping.

Composition Mass Extreme

Are you wondering if something that works in this way contains illegal substances? Nothing similar! Unlike products that contain hormones, Mass Extreme consists of products that support the natural processes of their creation, without introducing anything into our body that should not be there.

Here is what is in Mass Extreme:

Fenugreek extract

It is responsible for the synthesis of glycogen in muscle cells, enabling their faster and more efficient growth.

4-Amino Butanoic acid (GABA)

It stimulates the natural secretion of growth hormone, which is responsible for strength, endurance and muscle growth.

D-Aspartic acid (DAA)

An amino acid that stimulates the production of testosterone, a hormone that has a direct effect on the endurance and strength of the body and the natural growth of muscle tissue.

Phosphatidic acid (PA)

Enables growth and stimulation of cells, stimulates enlargement of muscle volume.

5-Deoxy-Adenosyl cobalamin

Responsible for muscle growth during physical activity.

Maca root

It adds energy, increases the efficiency and endurance of the body.

As you can see, the composition is interesting and there are no illegal substances in it, so that Mass Extreme can be taken safely.

Effects Mass Extreme

My first meeting with Mass Extreme was less than 3 months ago. Since then, I have managed to achieve much more than during the same period without using a conditioner. It wasn’t the first supplement I took, but it was certainly the most effective.

I noticed the biggest effects in the increase in the volume of the chest and biceps, but I admit that I exercise these muscles most often. Already after taking Mass Extereme for the first time, my training was more effective, and with each day I was able to raise more and do more repetitions.

It was exactly what I had expected and that’s why I’m very happy that I bet on Mass Extreme. Now I look really good, I even had to buy new shirts, because the old ones were too tight on my muscles. I believe that anyone who wants to ensure not only quick but also safe results of strength training, should bet on Mass Extreme, which helps to achieve what all gym visitors dream of.

Price Mass Extreme

Wondering how much it costs? The price of Mass Extreme is not excessive and can be compared to other nutrients with similar effect. I bought the first package for 49 € and it was enough for one month of use. In addition, I received an interesting training plan and dietary advice, which helped me to create an interesting menu.

Order Mass Extreme

Looking through the reviews of Mass Extreme, we can learn that the supplement helps to increase muscle mass up to 96%, provides 147% more strength and adds up to 30% more power. I do not know what it was like in my interest rates, but I can confirm that the improvement was significant.

Dosage Mass Extreme

The manufacturer recommends using two capsules a day about 30 minutes before the workout, drinking plenty of water. I followed these recommendations and achieved the required results, so I can confidently confirm that a higher dose is not needed.

If you want to gain weight and are looking for a good supplement, I recommend you Mass Extreme. It is an effective product, which has been confirmed by the opinion and warranty of the manufacturer.

I rate Mass Extreme at 5!


For those who do not know where to buy Mass Extreme, I recommend manufacturer’s website. Only by ordering from this page, we can be sure that we will receive the original product, because unfortunately, there are a lot of counterfeits on the web.

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