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Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a comprehensive dietary supplement designed for all those who want to optimally regenerate after intensive workouts. Its composition includes two protein fractions in the form of highly assimilable hydrolysates, which are conducive to building pure muscle mass and supplement the demand for protein in our body. BCAA branched chain amino acids provide adequate protection against catabolism and accelerate muscle fibre regeneration.

Composition of dietary supplement Nutrigo Lab Regeneration

Secrecy of efficacy Nutrigo Lab Regeneration …is hidden in the line-up we’ll find ourselves in:

Hydrolysed whey protein Optipep.

This Ultra pure form of protein is the result of the hydrolysis of whey protein isolate. Hydrolyzed protein facilitates faster absorption of amino acids in order to obtain better anabolic stimulus and stimulates greater protein synthesis. Hydrolyzed whey protein ensures optimal digestibility and accelerated digestion. Its rich amino acid profile means it’s ideal for use after workout, as it delivers nutrients to your muscles much faster than any other form of protein. Hydrolysed whey protein is considered the most useful form of protein.

Casein hydrolysate PeptoPro.

Casein is one of the two forms the protein making up the milk composition. Compared to the protein The process of casein absorption by whey is much longer, that’s why you should take it overnight. Like other proteins animal, casein is the complete source of all necessary amino acids that our body needs after training in order to be able to to regenerate properly. The process of casein hydrolysis of casein significantly makes it easier for her to digest, which makes it easier for her to reach the of our muscles. Thanks to the long-termEmu release of amino acids to the Casein has an anti-catabolic effect on muscle cells, reducing the protein breakdown in the body. Like protein. whey, casein affects the process of hypertrophy, i.e. gradual muscle mass gain resulting from strength training. It can also help reduce body fat.

Branched amino acids BCAA

The BCAA amino acids are a group of three essential chemical compounds: leucine, isoleucine and valine. They all have a branched molecular structure and are considered to be as necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism. BCAA amino acids stimulate protein synthesis, support the process of building muscle mass and reducing body fat. They’re working anti-catabolic, they reduce muscle pain after intensive use strength training and accelerates regeneration.

Citrulline malate and AAKG.

One of the best advantages of citrulline malate is its influence on the increase in production of ATP – a compound which is the basic energy carrier in the human body. It is needed for every living cell in our body, especially muscle cells that undergo regular strength training. Increased production of ATP also increases the intensity of our training and accelerates the regeneration process. The advantages of l-arginine include, above all, the expansion of blood vessels, which increases the flow of nutrient-rich blood into our muscles.

Black pepper extract

Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which is an alkaloid such as the capsaicin found in in chilli and pepper cayenne. Piperine has been shown to help alleviate nausea, headaches, and also affects the proper the functioning of the digestive system and has the characteristics of anti-inflammatory.


Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – action

Yours. The Nutrigo Lab Regeneration owes its effectiveness to its comprehensive action. Let’s see how the supplement affects the athlete’s body.

  • Increases muscle endurance,
  • increases aerobic capacity,
  • increases the level of energy,
  • increases the intensity of training,
  • accelerates regeneration,
  • Supports fat-free building muscle mass,
  • reduces the feeling of fatigue,
  • increases protein synthesis in the muscles,
  • reduces muscle pain after …strength training.

Who is Nutrigo designed for? Lab Regeneration?

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a dietary supplement created for amateur and professional athletes. It will meet the expectations of all those looking for effective support for their training. It is especially recommended for people who have problems with slow regeneration.

After intensive training, our The muscles are simply hungry and need fast nutrition. Highly bioavailable protein forms contained in Nutrigo Lab Regeneration ensures immediate delivery to the muscles all the ingredients they need for proper growth volume and force. Each serving of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a real injection of energy and building and nourishing ingredients the muscle cells in our bodies.

Each serving of Nutrigo Lab The Regeneration includes..:

Over 90% of active ingredients

5000 mg of WPH Optipep® protein

5000 mg casein hydrolysate PeptoPro®

4000 mg of amino acids BCAA

1000 mg citrulline malate

1000 mg AAKG 2:1

How to use Nutrigo Lab Regeneration?

Just dissolve one serving of the product – 20 g (2 scoops) in 250 ml water. Use 1 a portion per day immediately after the end of the training session.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration – Opinions

Nutrigo Lab Renegeneration is a new product, which very quickly gained recognition among personal trainers. It can certainly be counted among the best nutrients for regeneration. The effectiveness of the supplement has been confirmed not only by a number of studies, but also by users who claim that the effect is visible after a week of use.

Systematic use of the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration will help athletes keep their muscles healthy, train harder and more often. If you don’t know how to speed up the regeneration, apart from the proven home way, you should also use a good supplementation, i.e. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration. The product can be purchased at an attractive price at manufacturer’s website.

Remember that in sport, it is not only systematic training, a healthy breakfast and a general diet that counts. Yes, these are very important factors, conducive to building a silhouette, but regeneration is equally important. With professional Nutrigo nutrients, we don’t have to wait a whole week for the muscles of a given body part to regenerate. The product will provide them with an appropriate dose of nutrients, which will make us ready for the next workout much earlier.


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