Natural ways to increase your potency

Potency problems are becoming more and more common in today’s world. This is mainly due to the stress that has dominated our society. The pace of life, the abundance of information and the lack of time to relax make us still tense for most of the day. There are also many other causes of potency problems, as I wrote about HERE. It is not always necessary to resort to viagra or other pharmacological agents. Consider changing your eating habits or introducing interesting products to your diet. You can also focus on activities that directly affect the quality of your sexual life. Don’t sweep the problem under the carpet, because sex is one of the most edifying experiences for a man!

Periodic impotence evolving into serious problems

You return home tired after work and find a burning woman in your bed. Only a few years ago, she wouldn’t have to do anything to make you regain all your energy and be ready for passionate sex within a fraction of a moment. You start to pamper her, and she doubles up and troi to light you up. But he will neither vibrate….

Friendly situation?

This is a real story that happened to me some time ago. There is a phenomenon called periodic impotence and usually everything returns to normal after some time. But not always…

Many men lose faith in their own sexual abilities in such situations, which exposes them to enormous stress. Sometimes the mere thought of lack of erection is enough to trigger such a state of affairs in reality. The small problem then becomes much bigger, and impotence problems can extend over time.

Let go of worrying that next time it will be the same. Sometimes erection problems result from temporary work stress or excess work. All you need to do is to relax a little and everything should be arranged as it should be. It is also worth reducing alcohol before intercourse. You should not be surprised that your friend refuses to obey you if you have drunk a dozen or so bottles of beer.

Only when erectile dysfunction persists for a long time should you consider visiting your urologist and buying suitable medicines such as Eron Plus.

Stop smoking!

We can still hear about the harmful effects of smoking, but the addiction often wins. Remember, however, that smoking has a very negative effect on your sexual performance. This is due to the fact that nicotine narrows blood vessels. Blood can therefore not flow freely into the penis during intercourse.

Smoking also affects the taste and smell of sperm. For women, this is of great importance, so it should convince you to stop this harmful habit. For you want a woman to be satisfied with sex with you, right?

Fruit and vegetables and sexual performance

Potency problems often come from a poor diet. The pace of life causes us to eat often on the run. In addition, they consumed highly processed meals or popular fast foods. This must translate into your sexuality, because “you are what you eat”.

It is therefore worth including natural aphrodisiacs in your diet. If you don’t already do this, eat fennel tubers regularly, as well as parsley and celery. In addition, an avocado is a very popular fruit that has a positive effect on potency. This fruit raises the level of good HDL cholesterol in blood. Avocados can be added to salads or consumed as juice.

Influence of engine rooms on testosterone level

It is also worth buying a pass and go to the gym as soon as possible if you notice a decrease in your sexual energy. It has been proven that regular weight training strongly raises testosterone, which is directly related to the willingness to have sex. Its large number makes us feel great and full of strength to act. It also increases your possibilities in bed!

Strength training also strengthens the cardiovascular system, which translates into better blood supply to organs. I don’t think I have to tell you why it also affects potency?

Many bodybuilders say that leg training is most important in this respect. It may turn out that after just a few trainings the potency problems will go forever. It is worth checking it out and do something for your health!

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