Natural aphrodisiacs for men. 10 products that will improve sex life

Sex as one of the secrets longevity, it has an excellent effect on our health. A successful life erotic is an extremely important cementing element for any a happy relationship. However, over time, our bedroom may sneaking in boredom and monotony. Here they can help us natural aphrodisiacs, which effectively stimulate our imagination, support male sexual performance and they enhance the experience. Interestingly, many natural stimulants can found in virtually every kitchen. An unquestionable advantage of natural aphrodisiacs is that, unlike the means pharmaceuticals, absolutely no harm to our health. You can to make a delicious meal for a romantic dinner for two, whose punch line will be a good night. Don’t wait and try the natural the power of aphrodisiacs!

What are aphrodisiacs?

The name “aphrodisiac” comes from the name of the Greek goddess of love, fertility and desire Aphrodites. This is how some food products are defined, to which are attributed the properties that stimulate our desire sexual and heightening sensations. The active ingredients contained in Aphrodisiacs affect libido in different ways. Some of them stimulate the secretory system for increased production of sex hormones and increase the synthesis of nitric oxide causing blood flow to of tissues and cells, including those located in the intimate of our body parts. Others, in turn, stimulate our imagination by its very appearance.

Natural aphrodisiacs in Your kitchen

The most popular natural we can findaphrodisiacs in our kitchen. Many of these products are very often guests on our lunch tables and we don’t even realize their specific characteristics. Here are some of them:


Seafood and oysters in particular are strong aphrodisiacs and a true wealth of minerals such as Zincwhich has many important functions in the body. From supporting the functions of the immune system and supporting the healing process of wounds to keeping our bones, skin and eyes healthy. The antioxidant effect protects our body cells from the effects of oxidative stress, which can cause sexual dysfunction.

Zinc has many properties that can be particularly useful from a male perspective.

It is essential in the process of synthesis testosterone, and it affects the correct testosterone level. Like . you know, low levels of this most important male hormone are the main cause of significant deterioration in quality of life erotic. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency are chronic feeling tired, low libido, poor quality semen, loss muscle mass and even erectile dysfunction. Level testosterone drops with age. This process accelerates after over 40 years of age. The favourable factors are also: bad diet, lack of physical activity, alcohol abuse, smoking and chronic stress.

Zinc also supports gland health of the crotch. Thanks to its properties it relieves inflammation and regulates the level of dihydrotestosterone, the responsible hormone for prostate overgrowth. In 100 grams of oysters there are over 60 milligrams of zinc, and according to scientists, only 15 mg a day effectively protects us from cancer of the gland of the crotch.


This delicious juicy fruit is not only an excellent way to refresh yourself on warm summer days, but also a wealth of nutrients that have a positive effect on male sexual performance. Among them we will find Citrulline an amino acid that increases the production of nitric oxide, which dilates and makes the blood vessels more flexible, as well as popular pharmaceuticals to treat erectile dysfunction. Increased amount of blood filling the cavernous bodies makes it easier to achieve and maintain a normal erection and increases the sexual experience.


Cucumbers contain a considerable amount of Vitamins C and manganese, which play an important role in promoting sexual health, raising energy and increasing libido. Vitamin C particularly improves blood flow, which is necessary to maintain an erection.


Pineapple - natural aphrodisiacs

Bromelain, or enzyme found in a pineapple, supports the production of testosterone, which affects the sexual drive of a man. High levels of vitamin C and B1 in the pineapple, which are involved in energy generation processes, It also ensures the flow of energy to the body, increasing in that way, sexual stamina.



Peaches contain a large amount of vitamins A and C taking part in the energy transformation in the body, increase our endurance, which is necessary to maintain sexual activity. You also know, that vitamin C increases sperm count and activity, by improving sperm quality. Some people think that The suggestive shape of the peach also stimulates our imagination.


The panties are full of manganese, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc, which are essential for sexual health. In ancient Greece, figs were considered a sacred food associated with fertility and love.


These characteristic vegetables are slightly The phallic shape of their erotic reputation is due to the XIX – to the eternal French who served the newlyweds dishes from of asparagus, hoping to increase their sexual drive before on your wedding night. The secret of this aphrodisiac is not only in his shape. This spring vegetable is also full of ingredients the nutritional requirements for proper hormone production, including vitamins A, E and potassium. Compounds found in asparagus known as steroid glycosides have been tested for years for the ability to increase levels of hormones affecting reproduction. Asparagus is also a source of folic acid, which is essential for women’s reproductive health and quality of male semen.


Nutmeg, also known as as Jaiphal or lovers’ spice is mainly used as an ingredient that gives the dishes an aromatic taste. Because of its The therapeutic properties are used in natural medicine from over 5000 years as an effective agent in the treatment of asthma, rheumatism, muscle spasm, arteriosclerosis, reduced appetite and gastrointestinal disorders. Nutmeg is also known as a strong natural aphrodisiac due to its sensory stimulation properties, increasing libido, improving penile erection and intensifying the sensations during close-ups.

It’s also known that it has different therapeutic properties, such as:

  • anti-cancer,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antifungal,
  • antioxidant,
  • anxiety,
  • anti-parasitic,
  • hypolipidemic (lowering cholesterol level)
  • hepatoprotective,
  • neuroprotective,
  • immunomodulating,
  • to protect against obesity.

Adding nutmeg to the daily diet increases the man’s ability to control ejaculation, which allows to extend the duration of the intercourse and increase the quality of the orgasm. This remarkable spice, thanks to its properties It also reduces the regeneration time between successive close-ups, allowing for increased frequency of coexistence.

Ginseng – cube

An unusual plant used since centuries in natural medicine to improve the overall condition health, wellbeing, increasing libido and strengthening the system of the immune system. The most popular variety of ginseng is panax, or Asian ginseng. One of the most common the reasons for using Asian ginseng are its characteristics increasing libido and improving sexual performance in men struggling with erectile dysfunction. Included in Ginseng active ingredients, increase production of nitric oxide in the body, which expands cells, including bodies cavernous, causing an increased the blood flow to the penis, and thus a lasting and strong erection. Due to its stimulating and increasing properties the stamina, ginseng enhances the sexual experience in during intercourse and extends the duration of the close-up.

Chilli and cayenne pepper

cayenne pepper

Cayenne and other spicy spices contain a chemical known as capsaicin, which has a sharpening, relaxing effect on the senses, gently warming up and dilating blood vessels, which significantly improves blood circulation in the arteries and veins. Greater the amount of blood flowing into the tissues facilitates achievement and maintaining a full erection and increasing the quality and volume of the experience ejaculations. In addition, capsaicin causes increased release of endorphins that make us a little euphoric and improve the feeling that is necessary to create an erotic mood.

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