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I have been attending the gym for some time now. Recently I decided to improve my effects using supplementation. I chose a good protein supplement, but my coach told me that if I really want to gain weight, I should think about a gainer. He recommended me Mutant Mass, which supposedly contains a large amount of protein and carbohydrates at the same time, thanks to which it improves the results of exercise. Encouraged by this review, I bought the first package.

Mutant Mass – action

Thanks to a large amount of carbohydrates, well absorbed protein and healthy fatty acids, Mutant Mass is a great meal replacement. One portion of the product allows the body to provide the appropriate nutrients, which makes the muscles grow faster and the body feels an energy boost.

Or at least he writes this on the packaging. I was really good at taking the first portion of the conditioner. I was hoping that my silhouette would improve significantly if I used the supplement on a regular basis.

Mutant Mass – composition

Mutant Mass is a composition of 4 complexes. The first one is a mixture of Iso Stac proteins, containing proteins of different bioavailability. The second is the carbohydrates contained in the CleanCarb complex. The third is Lipotherm, which contains fatty acids. The fourth last one is Intrasorb5, a mixture of ingredients that transports microelements.

I read all this out in the leaflet, because I don’t know much about these ingredients, and the names themselves didn’t tell me anything. But I decided to trust the trainer and I continued to use Mutant Mass after each training.

Mutant Mass – opinion

All the time I used the conditioner for the mass according to the recommendations and waited for the effects. And they appeared after about two weeks. Indeed, I took on the masses, only that…. not only in muscles. Yes, I felt stronger and even the training went better, but apart from the muscles, I also noticed an increase in body fat. The trainer told me that perhaps I should change the supplement and practice more cardio at the same time.

Mutant Mass – price

I was angry because I spent almost €42 on a large package of Mutant Mass and now I was supposed to look for something else. I also learned that this is not an agent that works for everyone. As you can see, I was in a group for which Mutant Mass is not indicated. I asked, read and decided to order Mass Extreme – something completely different. I’m just waiting for the shipment and I hope that this time it was a good choice.


Mass Extreme – fast muscle growth

I’ve been using the product for a month and I can already see really satisfactory results. Really! I’m still practicing a lot and have included cardio training in my training plan. However, it is thanks to Mass Extreme that I feel a high flow of energy and finally I start to grow. As a person who has had problems with sculpting the silhouette all his or her life, now I look really great.

Mass Extreme is a supplement by weight, which differs from other unique composition. In one portion of the conditioner you will find:

  • fenugreek extract – increases glycogen synthesis, allowing to increase muscle volume
  • GABA acid – adds energy and stimulates natural muscle growth processes
  • DAAcid – increases the amount of testosterone released, which affects the quality of workouts
  • PA acid – responsible for cell growth and stimulation
  • Maca root – increases endurance

Such an interesting recipe has a concentrated effect, and I noticed the effects of taking the product after just a few days. At first I observed an increase in strength and endurance, and then weight began to show more, muscles became more visible and body fat disappeared in the eyes. I know that the market is now full of nutrients per weight, but in my opinion it is the Mass Extreme that wins the rankings. If, like me, you have problems gaining muscle mass, you should try something other than a simple protein mixture. Try Mass Extreme and see how your muscles will grow. mutant mass1

Update 1:

In response to comments about ordering Mass Extreme, I recommend the manufacturer’s website. There you will find the original product. In other shops you can find cheaper counterfeits, but you never know what they contain. The basic product package with 1 month’s stock costs €49, but we also get a free training plan! I recommend it to everyone who wants to continue their adventure with the gym with better effects!

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