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Sometimes I’m ashamed to admit that, but the older I’m, the more and more problems I’m experiencing at home. It’s not about health, it’s not about health, I eat well and exercise a lot, I also try to test regularly. Despite this, I have had an erection problem for some time now. In order to fight this, I decided to try out the over-the-counter medicine called Mensil.

Action Mensil

Mensil are tablets, available in packs of 2, 4 or 6 pieces. At the beginning I decided to try the smallest of them, for which I paid less than 3 €. I ordered via the Internet, so there were also shipping costs.

The aim of Mensil is to support vasodilatation of blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. A product from a group of many other similar erectile diuretics. I used it as it was written on the packaging and noticed the effects. Indeed, the erection was a bit better, but it was still not what I wanted. A friend of mine physician suggested to me that maybe my problem is caused by fatigue and I need something that not only works on my blood supply, but also gives me energy.

Composition Mensil

Mensil contains 25 mg of sildenafil in the form of citrate. It is a popular substance, which relaxes blood vessels and influences faster and stronger erection.

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The product is indicated for men with erectile dysfunction. On the leaflet Mensil you will find a warning against side effects such as weakness, dizziness and nausea. I didn’t notice anything about it at home, but as I wrote earlier, Mensil wasn’t something I would be 100% satisfied with. So I decided to listen to a doctor I knew, who with all my heart recommended me a product called Eron Plus, which was supposed to help my libido and add energy, which I still lack. On manufacturer’s website I ordered the set for 47 € and from tomorrow I will start working. I’ll let you know if this time I hit the nail on the head.


Eron Plus – a natural product for potency and strengthening!

In the set Eron Plus I received two packages. One of which tablets I always had to take before the intercourse and the other one, which contained a supplement for every day. Such an interesting combination made me notice the effects already on the second day. At Eron Plus I got a supply of tablets for the whole month, not just for a few days, so I understood that this time the treatment would be complete.

Order Eron Plus

I was positively surprised by the effects of Eron Plus, which turned out to be 100% satisfactory this time. Not only in terms of increased libido and erections, but I admit that I have noticed a significant improvement. What I was most happy about, however, was that I finally had the energy to act. I’m not the youngest anymore, and yet I try to keep fit. Despite this, the weather and work often made me want to just lie down and sleep. It is over. Since I have been taking Eron Plus I still have a desire to act, it’s great in bed and I feel like I’m 20 years old again!

The biggest surprise for me was the composition of Eron Plus, which turned out to be completely natural. The product contains substances such as

L-Arginine – which adds energy and strengthens the libido

– the Maca root – providing an extra boost of energy

ground mace – supports potency and provides sexual energy

Korean ginseng – has a positive effect on libido and eliminates potency problems

fenugreek – an ingredient influencing well-being, stimulating sexual energy

As you can see, using only natural things, you can achieve great results. Eron Plus is not the only product consisting of similar substances, but it contains an appropriate dosage and therefore works so well.

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I am very pleased with the action of Eron Plus. I think that with this purchase I was in 10 and I do not regret the money spent. Check your own opinions about Eron Plus and you will find out that this is a product worth investing in.


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