Member XXL – how to effectively enlarge your penis and enjoy better sex life

One of the most common problems with the sexual drive of men is the lack of confidence that can result from many factors. A lot of men don’t even realize that their internal conflicts can cause problems in bed. Interestingly, studies show that among psychological problems associated with the decline in self-esteem, one of the most common reasons for this is the insufficient length of the member, which most of men finds embarassing.

We can deal with such a problem in various ways, but the simplest and usually sufficient is to take appropriate supplements. You don’t have to go straight to prescription drugs, which have many side effects. To start with, it is best to focus on natural products, among which you will find Member XXL pills in the first place.

A few words about Member XXL – what is it?

Member XXL pills on the market have been available for some time now and gained a reputation for being effective and safe very quickly. Unlike many other penis enlargement supplements, Member XXL is characterised by its natural composition, chosen by experienced scientists who have adjusted the dosage of each product so that it works without side effects. This composition has made the pills a popular choice for men looking for a golden mean to improve their sexual satisfaction. These are blue capsules which have a non-invasive effect on the male body, acting in several zones and improving not only sexual aspects but also general well-being and fitness.

The purpose of the pills is to elongate and make the penis thicker, which can be seen in regular application. Member XXL increases libido and allows to achieve greater satisfaction during the intercourse.

Ways to enlarge the penis – different methods of improving the size of member

There are several methods that can help us deal with the problem of a small penis. Just by choosing the appropriate sexual techniques, we can influence the thickness and length of the penis, thus increasing the experience during the intercourse. You can of course also benefit from more popular ways to enlarge the penis, among that we find more and less invasive ones.

Penis enlargement surgery

Surgical intervention is a quite invasive way, although one that works the fastest.

During the procedure, ligaments are cut, connecting the penis to the pubic bone, which leads to the abandonment of the penis, making it seem longer. And although the surgery provides high efficiency in terms of penis enlargement, there might be complications, such as unstable erections, or of hitting G-spot. Moreover, the operation is very expensive, as no doctor will undertake it when there are no indications. Sexologists recommend surgery penis enlargement as a last resort, but most often they advise to try and deal with the problem with remedies, also focusing on the therapy to improve self-esteem and general well-being.

Acid penis enlargement hyaluron

This is a relatively new method for penis enlargement, however, you can find it in the offer of aesthetic medicine salons. The treatment consists of the injection to the penis with a special preparation which consists of hyaluronic acid. The surgery takes place under anesthesia, so that the patient doesn’t feel any discomfort. After the injection with hyaluronic acid the patient should refrain from any sexual activities for 2-4 weeks (depending on what the doctor will recommend). The effect is that the length of the penis increases by around 2-3 centimeters and the girth by about 5 centimeters. Despite its high efficiency, the effects are not permanent and the penis enlargement remains about 1-2 years, and then gradually degrades. The disadvantage of this solution is also the high price of the treatment.

Penis Extenders

On the market we can find special products that are designed to stretch the penis. These are so-called extenders. Such an extender should be worn every day for several the hours during which the penis tissues stretch. After about 6 months of regular use of the product we can notice the effects in the form of penis enlargement by about 2-3 centimeters. Although theoretically extenders should not cause any discomfort, wearing them can cause painful erection, blood circulation disorders and a sensory disturbance in the acorn. Moreover, the extender does not guarantee results, and even if they appear, they may be temporary.

Penis pumps

The pump is a transparent cylinder that overlaps the penis. While pumping air is injected into it, causing to enlarge the cavernous bodies and increase the blood flow to the penis. Pump should be applied approximately 30 minutes before the planned intercourse. When the member reaches the required size, at the base of the penis, you should put on a ring on the cylinder so that the blood doesn’t run off. At the end of the intercourse, do not forget to take off the rings.

The effectiveness of the treatment is to be based on that the cavernous penile body enlarges during pumping permanently. However, this has not been confirmed by any scientific evidence.

Penis enlargement exercises

Some sexologists recommend also a series of exercises to improve the size of the penis. In the internet you will find plenty of ideas for such a training, but before exercising, it’s worth consulting a doctor first, because you cannot be sure of who has created the plans. If you want to make sure that the exercises actually help and not cause injuries, you better be sensible.

Penis enlargement pills

It’s probably the easiest and the safest way to enlarge the penis. Of course only if we’re going to choose the right supplements. A carefully selected dose of natural active ingredients to support the blood supply of the member will help lengthen it, while leading to improvement of potency and general well-being. Among the natural penis enlargement pills there is a very popular Member XXL.

Action and composition of Member XXL. Let’s see what’s inside

The Member XXL owes its effective action to a properly selected formula, which was prepared by a team of experienced scientists. All the substances contained in the product are natural, and their appropriate dose is responsible for the good functioning of the product.

Let’s see what we can find in Member XXL.


L-arginine is a popular amino acid, used by athletes to increase endurance during training. This substance can also help with sexual function of men because it increases the blood supply to the penis and affects the enlargement of the cavernous bodies of the penis, so that the member becomes get bigger. In addition, the l-arginine supports muscle tissue building, regulates the secretion of growth hormone and enhances tissue regeneration. Its wide application will help not only the sexual functions, but the entire body of a man, especially if he leads an active lifestyle.

Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek is broadly used in natural medicine. It is known to contain a lot of nutrients, necessary for a proper functioning of the body. In case of masculine problems, fenugreek increases natural production of testosterone, a hormone that is responsible for, among other things, male libido. Moreover, this plant is crucial for tissue regeneration and activates red blood cell production.

Extract of sabre palm fruit

The sabbatical palm is associated primarily with alleviation of prostate ailments. It also provides stimulation of libido, which increases sexual drive and satisfaction during intercourse.

Ground mace

It’s another plant often used in men’s supplements. Just like in the palm tree sabbala, there are many nutritional substances in the mace, supporting general health and physical fitness. It is characterized by increasing testosterone levels and luteinizing hormone. It’s also known for improving male potency.

Lemon fruit extract

Lemon enhances physical and mental efficiency. It has a positive effect on the condition of the brain and concentration. It can also contribute to reducing stress level. It increases libido, improves blood supply to the penis, making the penis bigger, and strengthening of erection.

Panax ginseng

The tests have shown that ginseng has a positive effect on blood flow in the body and adds vitality. Contributes to reducing stress levels and physical fatigue. Supports the relaxation of blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum of the penis, so you can achieve erection faster. It supports overall sexual performance and affects your mental well-being.


Saffron in natural medicine has been used for years to treat potency disorders. This product increases libido, mental well-being, and also general sexual performance.

Black pepper

This aromatic spice is often used in all kinds of supplements due to the piperine content. This ingredient, among other things, leads to better penile congestion and increased sex drive.

Effects of Member XXL application, or what you can gain by buying this supplement

The manufacturer ensures that by using pills regularly:

  • penis size increases up to 9 centimeters;
  • the penis becomes thicker and harder;
  • sexual satisfaction is improved;
  • libido increases

The Member XXL is a natural product for penis enlargement, the effects of which can be seen after about 14 days of use. Moreover, the substances contained in the product will contribute not only to improving sexual performance, but will also increase the daily willingness for sex, improve mood and concentration. This will have an impact on the overall improvement of mood and satisfaction, which in effect will lead to the resolution of self-esteem issues.


Do Member XXL pills cause side effects?

There are no artificial substances in the Member XXL pills, and the doses of each ingredient are chosen in such a way that they are safe for an adult. Contraindication to its use is an allergy to any of the active ingredients. The manufacturer also recommends that people suffering from chronic diseases should consult a doctor before starting to use the supplement.

How to dose the pills for penis enlargement?

The recommended dosage is two tablets daily, one before breakfast and one before lunch. The key to success is regularity, so it is worth setting up a reminder to take the capsule. Each pill should be taken with plenty of water to be well absorbed by the body. One pack of Member XXL contains 60 capsules, so full stock for a whole month.

Opinions about Member XXL – what do the product users think?

Member XXL These are very popular penis enlargement pills, which gained a recognition shortly after they were released on the market. Interestingly, they have been at the top of the men’s potency supplements ranking for a long time. Users appreciate above all the natural composition of the product. And yes, there are many counterfeits on the web, which resemble the Member XXL formula, but it is worth remembering that this supplement also uses a special dose, marked by professional scientists. As a result, Member XXL is considered to be the most effective natural product for penis enlargement, recognized by thousands of men of different ages and around the world.

Where to buy Member XXL and how much does it cost?

If you want to be sure that you are buying the original product, it is best to use the manufacturer’s page. Just fill in the form and wait for a quick delivery. What is more, the manufacturer offers interesting discounts, so it is worth making a decision as soon as possible. 1 pack of capsules costs 49 €, but the more we order, the greater the discount we can count on.

Member XXL – the best penis enlargement product, check it out yourself!

Studies show that potency problems occur for every third man. These problems mostly result from low self-esteem, due to the lack of of satisfaction with the size of the penis. Fortunately, the sexual efficiency and self-acceptance can be achieved by using a mixture of products known to natural medicine whose effectiveness has been proven. Such a composition was used in the Member XXL male supplement. Rankings speak for themselves, so if you still want to enjoy and have an active sex life, choose Member XXL and see what the results will be!


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