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I was recently interested in advertising a product called MaxigraGo. It is recommended for people with erectile dysfunction and is available without a prescription. This is probably a relative novelty on the market, because I have never heard of this supplement before, and yet I noticed that it has already gained considerable popularity. Without thinking much, I went to the pharmacy and bought a medicine.

Action MaxigraGo

In one package I found two tablets of the product. I paid less than 3 € for the whole thing. It seems like not much, and yet I hoped that I would not throw money to the mud. MaxigraGo are chewing and swallowing tablets designed to stimulate erection, improve erection length, which should result in increased sexual satisfaction.

Composition Maxigra Go

Maxigra Go is a product based on Sildenafilu, which helps to expand blood vessels and supports the inflow of blood into the penis. I was curious what effects I could expect and the same day I took the first tablet.

In the evening, when I was alone with my girlfriend, I noticed the results. I can’t say that the drug didn’t work, because the erection was actually better than in recent days, but…. it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Looking through the reviews of Maxigra, I found some interesting reviews described by doctors who mentioned that the action of Sildenafil may be too weak for some men. The same doctors mentioned a product named Eronplus. They recommended to order directly from the manufacturer’s site,  so I did and I’m just waiting for the shipment. I’ll let you know how it will work.


Eronplus per potency – feel like a man again!

When I received Eronplus, I didn’t even realize that I was getting an immediate supply for an entire month. I was very happy, because 45 € is not a small expense. I must admit that I had great hopes for this product and…. I am delighted! I’ve been using Eronplus for three weeks and I feel great, finally I’m happy with my sex life, not to mention increased erections and prolonged intercourse!

>>> See price and feedback about Eron Plus<<<<

I was curious what is found in Eronplus that so effectively strengthens erections and helps to restore sexual performance. It turned out that the effectiveness of the product is responsible for the double formula of ingredients that support masculinity and each guy.

Eronplus is mainly based on matzo root and Korean ginseng. These are natural products that we can buy in every pharmacy and herbal store. In combination with auxiliary substances such as l-arginine, mace and fenugreek Eronplus adds energy and makes you feel like a man again.

If you are looking for something that:

  • removes the cause of erection problems
  • ensure a strong and sustainable erection
  • ensures longer and more intensive sex
  • shows no side effects

Choose Eronplus. I do not regret the purchase. It turned out that nature itself can help in what pharmaceutical ingredients do not cure. Before you reach for prescription products, try Eronplus, for me it’s number 1.


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