Mass Attack – action, opinions, price. Aid for gaining muscle mass

For some time now I have noticed that despite systematic exercises at the gym, no effects can be seen. I’ve been training for some time and so far I’ve been using several supplements, mainly protein supplement and creatine. A colleague from the gym told me that for better results I should start using a mass conditioner and recommended me Mass Attack, reportedly one of the best. products for increasing muscle mass.

Mass Attack – composition and operation

Mass Attack is a combination of many different components. The supplement has 50 g of protein in a portion and 43 g of carbohydrates. In addition, substances such as

  • creatine
  • l-leucine
  • l-valine
  • l-isoleucine
  • BCAA
  • collagen hydrolysate
  • hyaluronic acid
  • vitamins

This concentrated combination should be well absorbed and absorbed by the body, causing an increase in muscle mass. mass attack</!–more–>

The action of Mass Attack is described in superlatives themselves, although my own observation is not impressive. I used the supplement for a month and noticed a weight increase of only 2 kg. This is not a delightful result, especially since the extra weight is probably due to the increased amount of food I eat. I continue to exercise intensively and even changed the training mode. Wondering why I can’t see the results, I decided to bury myself on the Internet, where I found opinions about Mass Attack.

Mass Attack – opinions

Reviews on the product were different. I found a lot of positive, although many people regretted the lack of effects or the feeling of discomfort after taking. Many Internet users claimed that the composition given on the supplement leaflet is false and therefore does not work and that it is not worth its price, which is almost 60 € per package. Well, I thought to myself that maybe it’s true or just something wrong with me. For comparison, I decided to try something else. I opted for a product with a similar effect called Mass Extreme. Apparently very effective. I will let you know how I went.


I’ve been using Mass Extreme for a month and during this time I’ve gained almost 5 kilograms. I must admit that I did not expect such good results. My muscles are much more visible, and the biceps until the opinion gets under the shirt. Mass Extreme is a combination of completely different ingredients, its structure is based on :

  • fenugreek extract
  • GABA acids
  • phosphatidic acid
  • DAA acids
  • matzole root
  • 5-deoxy-adenosylcobalaminiums

This composition of ingredients makes the muscle mass grow quickly and at all times, regardless of the amount of food consumed.

The supplement on mass Mass Extreme helped me not only to achieve the visual effects I dreamt of. It also contributed to an increase in endurance and strength during training. Since I’ve been using it, I feel much better, I squeeze almost twice as much at the gym and I do much more repetitions. If I were to judge, I would say that Mass Extreme is the number one muscle mass gain conditioner. I won’t change it for any other agent and I recommend it to everyone.

mass extremePrice Mass Extreme is comparable to other similar products, but it is this supplement that makes muscles grow from day one. 49 € is a small expense to get such great results. I recommend this product to all those who want to put on a large mass. The easiest way to find it is on the manufacturer’s website, where packaging is available at the lowest price. Don’t hesitate, don’t spend money on insecure products, decide on something that works for sure!

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