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Inventum is a popular remedy for improving the reaction of men of different ages. The product is available in packaging containing 2 or 4 tablets to be taken before intercourse. This agent is known for its rapid action and high effectiveness in the fight against potency disorders.

We decided to check if the advertisements praising Inventum tell the truth. We took a closer look at the ingredients of the product and analyzed exactly how it affects the body of a man.

Inventum – action

Inventum is an agent for oral use. Take 1 tablet about one hour before intercourse and do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The aim of the product is to dilate blood vessels, which makes it easier for blood to flow into the penis, causing increased and longer erections.

You don’t have to wait for Inventum action, because the effects are instant. The product allows to improve sexual life by maintaining erection in a man for a longer period of time. It is recommended only for those men who have noticed problems with their potency and who want to feel satisfied again in bed.

Inventum is a proven product that works immediately before the intercourse and although it helps to increase erection by improving blood supply, it does not eliminate the cause of the problem, which may be different.

Inventum – composition

The active substance of the drug is sildenafil, which dilates blood vessels. It is a fairly strong ingredient used in many products designed to combat erectile dysfunction problems. The product belongs to the group of type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors and is intended to improve sexual performance in men, but sexual stimulation must be a prerequisite for its action.

In one tablet you will find 25 mg of sildenafil and an auxiliary substance, which is lactose monohydrate. The drug is intended for adult men with potency problems and should not be used by men with no problems.

Inventum – effects

The effects of taking Inventum tablets can be seen very quickly. These are tablets that work directly before the intercourse, so the body will not feel the increased momentum in a situation that will not stimulate it sexually.

In this case it is also worth noting that Inventum is only an auxiliary measure, not a preventive one, so despite the fact that it improves erection and helps to regain sexual performance, it does it only temporarily. Its use is defined by a medical diagnosis that identifies impotence or temporary sexual incapacity, but the source of the problem may have different causes. Often, a decrease in potency is caused by immunodeficiency, fatigue or chronic stress. Unfortunately, Inventum does not improve the well-being of the body and does not affect the nervous system, so the effects are noticeable only after taking the pill, and the problem still remains.

We looked at the results of using Inventum in people who have undergone several treatments with the drug Inventum. We have come to the conclusion that this is an effective product, but to get rid of the potency problem, it may not be enough, because its effect is visible only when the product is used.

Inventum – contraindications and side effects

Inventum is not recommended to all men who have problems with potency. Due to the possibility of side effects, the product should not be taken by people suffering from such ailments as:

– ischemic heart disease

– hypertension

– a recent heart attack or stroke

– circulatory insufficiency

– arrhythmia

– pledgee defect

– liver or kidney failure

– degenerative changes in the retina of the eye

– optic nerve neuropathy

– sensitisation to any of the active substances

The use of the drug is also advised against people under 18 years of age and those to whom the doctor has recommended sexual abstinence.

Inventum can cause a number of side effects, among others:

– headaches

– nausea

– diarrhea

– chest pain

– dizziness

– hot flashes

– palpitations of the heart

– vomiting

– muscle pain

The list is quite long, but the frequency of their occurrence is not common. However, if you notice that your mood is getting worse, you should stop taking this medicine immediately.

People who use Inventum must remember that regular Inventum intake can accustom the body to the substance, which will reduce the effects after some time, which often leads to an increase in the dose of the drug, which must not be done, because an overdose of Inventum may result in secondary impotence.

Inventum – price

Packaging of 4 pieces of Inventum tablets costs less than 5 €. This is not an exorbitant price and can be compared to the price of other medicines with sildenafil. We will buy the product in virtually any pharmacy, both stationary and online.

Inventum – our opinion

Inventum is a quite popular potency medicine, which certainly gives some results. But is it the best product? The incidence of side effects is not high, but Inventum is a pharmaceutical product containing an artificial substance, which is sildenafil. If we want to enjoy a fast improvement in potency, yes, Inventum will certainly help us. But is it not better to think about the real causes of the disorder and try something else, perhaps more natural?

On the Internet, opinions about Inventum are varied. There are many positive things, people praise a medicine that works quickly and helps, but those who have used it for longer are no longer so enthusiastic about its effects. After analyzing all pros and cons, we found that Inventum is a good medicine for a while. It helps quickly and gives satisfaction, but you have to take it with your head, and overdosing it may worsen your sexual condition.

Testolan – a good alternative to sildenafil

Looking for something that could replace Inventum tablets, providing a more effective effect and not causing side effects, we focused on Testolan. The effect of this measure has been proven, and more than 80% of men who used it rated this supplement as the best on the market.

Testolan, unlike many similar products, not only helps to achieve sexual satisfaction, but, above all, eliminates many of the causes of the problem. Erectile dysfunction is often caused by everyday life, work or fatigue, sometimes it is simply a shortage of testosterone that can be replenished with Testolan. What is more, it does not contain any artificial ingredients aimed at excessive hormone production, they simply stimulate the body’s natural processes responsible for the production of testosterone.

Testolan capsules


Testolan is a collection of natural ingredients that improve mood and add energy. It is effective in periods of chronic fatigue and stress, regulating the nervous system, improving blood circulation, influencing the immune system and general wellbeing.

Ingredients contained in Testolan:


– regulates the correct level of testosterone

– favourably influences libido and sexual performance

– lowers blood sugar levels

– lowers blood pressure, helps to remove inflammatory conditions

Ground mace

– regulates the correct level of testosterone

– adds strength and strengthens muscles

– Helps in the fight against overpressure

– regulates urination

D-Aspartic acid (DAA)

– Instantly strengthens muscles

– adds energy and improves concentration

– strongly supports testosterone production in men

– raises the libido

Maca root

– a valuable source of vitamins and trace elements

– Increases durability

– accelerates muscle building

– favourably influences libido and sexual abilities

– improves memory

Korean ginseng root

– improves cardiovascular function

– minimizes the negative effects of stress

– strengthens and adds energy

– improves sexual performance


– strengthens the immune system

– slows down body aging processes

– regulates the hormonal economy

– strengthens muscles

And a number of vitamins and minerals, acting on the improvement of condition and health.

Testolan is recommended not only for men who are struggling with erection problems, but also for athletes who want to expand their silhouette. The product helps to accelerate muscle growth, increases the efficiency of the body and improves the effects on the gym. What is more, it is completely natural, so its use does not risk any side effects.

In our opinion, Testolan is a product that is worth betting on. Before you reach for artificial remedies that only help for a moment, try to eliminate the problem by taking care of your body. Choose Testolan and enjoy your sexual performance and well-being at all times.

The price of Testolan is higher than Inventum, one package costs 49€, but we get tablets for regular use for a whole month, not just a few days. We encourage our readers to try Testolan. Bet on what is safe!


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