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When I’m in the gym, I often hear different opinions about dietary supplements for athletes. Most of the club’s visitors like to use them. Usually I didn’t pay much attention to such conversations, but recently I decided to use a supplementation myself, so I asked about the advice of one of the donkeys that I often see there. He recommended me a novelty – tablets for mass called Horlaxen. He suggested that he would take care of my packaging if I was interested. I agreed and started the treatment.

Composition and action Horlaxenu

Horlaxen is a preparation whose purpose is to help you gain muscle mass faster. The product is intended mainly for gym trainers who want to accelerate the effects of their efforts at the gym.

Horlaxen is a novelty among dietary supplements for athletes, and its growing popularity is associated with its unique composition. One capsule of food contains AAKG or arginine alfacetoglutarate, which activates anabolic mechanisms, leading to a faster increase in muscle mass.

Effects Horlaxenu

I read on the package that after my first use I should feel the increased amount of energy, and after about two weeks visual results of muscle mass increase will start to appear. When I started taking the tablets, I felt better in the gym and as a result I practiced more.

I took the capsules regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for less than 4 weeks. After this period, I gave up because I thought I wanted to try something else. I’m not saying that Horlaxen had a bad effect on me, and yet after a month my silhouette changed little and I don’t know if it was the effect of taking a supplement or simply increasing the amount of food consumed.

Despite the popularity, not all reviews about Horlaxenie are positive. A lot of people say that this is a good product, but not stunning, and I was looking for the golden mean. One of the personal trainers working at the gym said that I should try Mass Extreme – a supplement for mass, which supposedly works miracles. Immediately after returning from the club I went to the manufacturer’s website and ordered the first package for 49 €. It brought me a bit more, the price of Horlaxenu is about 39 € per bottle of 60 capsules, but I was hoping for better results.


Mass Extreme – increase weight in a short time!

I am after a three-week treatment of Mass Extreme and I want to share with you the great results that these capsules gave me. I noticed the effects already after the first intake, the stamina and performance on training increased significantly, but that’s not all! After about 1.5 weeks after starting to use Mass Extreme I took a close look at my silhouette, I weighed and… was definitely better. I took over 2 kilos and there was not a gram of fat, only muscles.

mass extreme am5

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Mass Extreme differs from other dietary supplements by weight from the original composition. In one capsule you will find a unique composition of such ingredients as:

  • fenugreek extract – increases muscle volume
  • GABA acid – adds energy, improves efficiency and influences the production of growth hormone
  • DAAcid – stimulates testosterone production
  • phosphatidic acid – stimulates muscle growth process
  • 5-Deoxy-Adenosylcobalamin – ensures muscle growth during training
  • matzo root – strengthens endurance and adds energy

Mass Extreme is an ideal product for people who want to effectively increase their muscle mass. The product works quickly and has no side effects. This is the perfect supplement for you if you are counting on:

  • up to 96% increase in muscle mass
  • an increase in strength of 147 %.
  • 30% more energy
  • 4 x more repetitions during the training series
  • more weight and better sculpture

I am delighted, in my opinion Mass Extreme is the best product for increasing muscle mass on the market. If you are looking for a golden mean, try Mass Extreme. I don’t regret itmass extreme am4.

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