GOAT Stamina – a supplement created specifically for professional e-gamers

E-sport, or professional gaming, has been enjoying real triumphs in recent years, each year attracting a growing number of new players eager to succeed in the sport. Unfortunately, this sport also has its requirements, such as maintaining good mental as well as physical fitness and good eyesight, which must be especially taken care of. All e-gamers are trying to maximize these abilities, and a dietary supplement created specifically for them can effectively help them do this GOAT Stamina . Its composition is composed only of natural and safe substances that do not cause any side effects, and has a practical form of powder to be mixed with water.

GOAT Stamina – what professional e-gamers praise it for

The effectiveness of GOAT Stamina cannot be faulted at all, and since its appearance on the market it has been immensely popular not only among professional players, but also among adepts who want to match them. It helps to support the most important qualities required in this sport, and among its numerous advantages specialists emphasize such as:

  • long persistence of the maximum effects of action even up to 6 hours after drinking one serving of the energizing drink;
  • better focus on the activity currently being performed, maintaining the highest level of concentration at all times;
  • a high level of mental capacity to cope with virtually any, even the most difficult task or puzzle, not only in the game, but also in everyday life;
  • increased endurance, fitness and physical condition;
  • faster recovery from physical and mental exertion;
  • perceptibly faster reaction time, or simply better reflexes;
  • absence of the unfavorable “caffeine crash” effect very often occurring after caffeine overdose, when it stops working after some time;
  • always good eyesight, less risk of developing eye diseases, which can happen to people who spend long hours in front of a computer screen, not just professional e-gamers.

What negatively affects an e-gamer’s mental and physical performance?

 professional e-gamer

Maintaining all the above-mentioned qualities of a professional and amateur e-gamer at an appropriate, even required level is extremely difficult, and many problems arise from our own negligence. To laymen, unfamiliar with the sport, it seems that playing on the computer does not require prior preparation, but regularly used GOAT Stamina must cope with the negative consequences:

  • sedentary lifestyle, inevitable in this sport, but with further neglect leading to overweight and painful arthritis and spinal degeneration. Lack of outdoor exercise also causes hypoxia and brain disorders;
  • improper diet, a cause not only of weight gain. Eating fatty, hard-to-digest foods, trans fats, excess sugar, salt, fast food or highly processed foods takes a toll on brain function, the nervous system and vision. A lack of nutrients, such as vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E, has the same effect. Equally important are Omega-3 fatty acids and the presence in the diet of the minerals, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium and iron;
  • lack of proper training of one’s mind, and the best results will be obtained by solving crossword puzzles and other mental puzzles, or by reading books.


GOAT Stamina – what substances were used to compose its composition

If a dietary supplement designed for e-sportsmen is to be effective, it must have a properly composed composition. It should be composed exclusively of active substances that promote the work of the brain and nervous system, increase the their efficiency, increase endurance and performance, and strengthen eyesight. These not inconsiderable requirements are one hundred percent met GOAT Stamina , and of the 16 ingredients it contains, the most important are:


Under this mysterious name is a patented substance created from a combination of two varieties of sage, medicine sage and lavender-leaf sage, in the case of the latter, an oil made from it was used. The result is a real health bomb providing all the compounds the e-gamer’s body needs, and the healing effects of vitamin A, several B vitamins, vitamin C, flavonoids, tannins and minerals will be felt very quickly. Cognitive function, concentration, focus will improve, so you will be able to perform better in e-sports competitions.


Another unique substance in GOAT Stamina’s formulation is a plant extract derived from the rhizomes of wild cardamom. It, and thanks to it EnXtra™, boasts of containing largehigh doses of vitamin A, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin C, valuable proteins and carbohydrates, fiber and minerals: zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. This allows you to maintain maximum focus for up to 5-6 hours, and without the side effects of increased blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, cardamom used together with caffeine prevents the aforementioned “caffeine crash” effect , felt as fatigue, drowsiness and feelings of irritability.

Other equally important ingredients

In addition to these two most important, unique biologically active compounds, the supplement also has other no less important substances in its composition, as many as 16 in number, among which particularly noteworthy are:

  • l-theanine extracted from green tea leaves, which counteracts the effects of stress, relaxes and relaxes;
  • blueberry extract, naturally regulating blood pressure, preventing retinal diseases, an antioxidant that removes free radicals;
  • caffeine, providing large doses of energy;
  • vitamin A, conditioning proper vision, protecting against “night blindness”;
  • VitaminB1, thiamine, which improves cognitive function;
  • vitaminB2, riboflavin, involved in the production of serotonin and dopamine, two extremely important neurotransmitters;
  • vitaminB5, pantothenic acid, which improves nervous system function and the ability to learn and absorb new information;
  • vitaminB6, the aforementioned pyridoxine, responsible for oxygenating the brain and making it work more efficiently;
  • VitaminB12, cobalamin, also preventing vision loss or deterioration;
  • Vitamin E, which protects against cardiovascular disorders and strengthens weakened eyesight;
  • taurine, a natural non-protein amino acid that boosts energy, relaxes muscles after exercise, improves cognitive function and supports vision.

GOAT Stamina – recommended dosage and safety of use

In one package GOAT Stamina you will find as many as 30 servings of powder, from which you can easily make a tasty, energizing drink that works for up to 6 hours after drinking. All you need to do is pour a measure of the powder, about 6 g, into a glass, pour 300-500 ml of water and mix thoroughly, and such a serving with its power of action replaces 2 energy drinks or as much as 3 cups of black coffee.

In contrast, it is also completely safe to use, with no side effects, but the manufacturer recommends checking in advance if you have an individual allergic reaction to any of the supplement’s ingredients, for which it takes no responsibility.

GOAT Stamina – how to buy it

To buy GOAT Stamina dietary supplement, go to manufacturer’s website , click the “Order now” option and fill out the contact form located there, choosing one of three promotional packages:

  • Basic, 1 pack;
  • Standard, 2 packs plus 1 free;
  • Optimal, 3 packs plus 3 extra free.

The package usually reaches the recipient within 2 business days, in Poland you can pay on delivery, but shipping abroad requires advance payment of the bill.



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