Erecton – not quite what I was hoping for

Don’t you have the impression that radio and television advertising has already been completely dominated by various drugs and supplements? For each ailment – actual or potential. For potency – also. Advertising is so much that I didn’t have any problems remembering a few names. But does any of these measures actually work?

I bet on one of them by accident. All of them seemed to me to differ only by name. Fallen na Erekton. I ordered it, of course, at an Internet pharmacy and I had already received it in a non-speaking, neutral handbag. I don’t know if any guy will admit the problem publicly – that is in a pharmacy full of people and face the pharmacist’s eyes. I am not going to.

Erecton – not quite what I was hoping for


I paid about 12 € for 30 capsules Erektonu. According to the leaflet, it is not only to increase potency, but also to lengthen the intercourse. Great, exactly what I hope for.

Now you only need to try it out. I found on the Internet one of the chat rooms for the lonely, where you can make an appointment for a sex-discourse with a person from a particular city. After a few hours I was arranged with a pretty attractive 35-year-old.

In the evening of the meeting, we went for a quick drink, and then immediately to a small studio where Basia lived. In my trouser pocket I felt almost physically a tablet that I should swallow about 30, 40 minutes before sex.

Erecton can be taken in two ways – either twice a day before meals or, as I intended, before intercourse. I chose this way because I thought I would do better if I provided myself with the right resources “a moment before”!

Unfortunately, I was wrong! First, I was stressed by the fact that I have to hit the right moment of taking the tablet. I thought I would have more time from the moment I crossed the threshold of the apartment, but Baśka turned out to be a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. I slipped quickly into the bathroom to swallow the tablet, and then I tried to keep an eye on it for some time to ensure that I wouldn’t compromise again. I’ve lengthened the initial game to the limits! My partner was delighted, but by the time…. I managed to achieve the erection, but at the climax it turned out to be only halfway through – not enough to penetrate.

My colleague showed tolerance and suggested that we would repeat our date, because I am apparently ‘tired’. However, I definitely did not intend to be tolerant of such situations! I immediately started to use erectone in the second possible way – twice a day before meals.

The second meeting with Baśka took place two weeks later. Should the tablets already work? Well, this time the script was a bit different, but still painfully disappointing. I lost my erection during the intercourse and could not recover it in any way. This time Baśka was no longer so understanding and quickly said goodbye to me, purring something about the impotents.

Do you know how difficult it is to regain confidence after such an event? The rest of packaging Erektonu landed in the basket. I was disappointed with this product and I am not going to go back to it.

Vigrax – hit the jackpot!

After a temporary loss of hope, I started looking for an effective remedy for potency from scratch. This time I decided not to trust TV commercials, I started to read people’s opinions on the Internet. That’s how I came across Vigrax.

This product is also in the form of tablets, which are taken twice a day. The manufacturer warns that this is not an immediate way to erectile dysfunction, but a cure, so you should wait at least a few days for the effects and take the tablets regularly.


So I started using Vigrax and waited for a good moment to try it out. The opportunity arose about a week after the start of the treatment. It was then that Anka visited me – with whom one of the dating ended so terribly, when I couldn’t stand up to the task. I felt a little stupid, because she started to apologize to me that she behaved unfairly, stopping to speak after this awkward meeting. From word to word, we went down on more pleasant topics, and then the atmosphere started to get hot. With great excitement I felt that my penis reacted very correctly with a large erection, which I used after a few minutes, to the great joy of Anka. Without going into the details, I will only tell you that we had a very intense night!

The best thing is that a few days of treatment gave me a lot of self-confidence and the awareness that I can feel like a young god again! I don’t have to watch with a watch in hand for the right time to take the tablet, predict whether I will be able to go to bed with someone today or not.

In addition, my treatment can only remain my private matter. I left Vigrax in the bathroom in a visible place, but the packaging in no way betrays the purpose of the tablets. I didn’t have to be afraid that my problem would come to light when Anka went to take a shower.

I strongly recommend Vigrax to all guys who want to enjoy sex again, impress their partners or simply know that they can count on their “power” at any time and at any time. This awareness really adds self-confidence!


Well, yes, in these emotions I forgot to write where to order this vigrax. I bought it on their website: To check, I ordered one package for 39 €, but it makes no sense at all, because it is more profitable to buy, for example, three at once for 79 €.

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