Erectil – pills with natural composition for potency problems and erectile dysfunction

When a man is not able to stand up to the proverbial challenge and notices difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection, he should immediately begin to counteract this. Unfortunately, potency problems can happen to any guy, regardless of age, although in many cases they are due to our own negligence. However, there is no need to break down, because on the market appeared pills that help quickly get rid of any libido disorders, Erectil based solely on natural, plant-based ingredients.

Diseases and other causes responsible for lowered potency

As I wrote above, we are often responsible for erection problems, sexual frigidity or other problems with male libido in general. So it is worth getting to know the most common causes of this state of affairs, which the active ingredients of Erectil capsules can effectively help eliminate.

If your erection is far from perfect, then of course you can go to a specialist, but many of the causes can be diagnosed correctly to some extent on your own, especially if you do not pay attention to such aspects of your health as:

  • A daily dose of exercise, preferably some form of outdoor physical activity. It does not necessarily have to be a professional sport, but a relaxing bicycle ride or an hour walk are highly recommended. This will help you to maintain a healthy body weight, since excess weight can prevent normal sex life and improveYou can also improve your cardiovascular system, which ensures a steady flow of blood to the penis;
  • proper nutrition, and let’s face it, most men, especially in middle age, get nervous when they hear they have to change theirAnd let’s face it, most men, especially middle-aged ones, get nervous when they hear that they have to change their current eating habits, go on a diet that favors potency. But if you want to maintain sexual performance into old age, you need to immediately eliminate from your menu an excess of unhealthy trans fats, white sugar and salt, not without reason called “white death”, highly processed food full of fillers and preservatives, fast food and stimulants, especially alcohol, after which the libido level drops practically to zero;
  • taking certain types of drugs, including those that cause erectile dysfunction and weaken the sensation of sexual stimuli or simply reduce the desire for sex. These include hormonal drugs used by men struggling with the effects of andropause, antidepressants, some specific drugs used for heart and circulatory system diseases, among others;
  • stress, one of the greatest enemies of male potency, which can disrupt it completely if not addressed. Other conditions that have the same effect are overweight or obesity, hyper- or hypothyroidism, anemia, hormone imbalance causing fluctuations in testosterone levels, type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypertension.


Erectil – what in its composition increases potency and restores correct erection


Let’s face it, there are actually many men who neglect the above mentioned issues, so they shouldn’t be surprised if in the evening they don’t feel like getting close or their erection is far from desirable. In such a case they should immediately reach for an effective ready-made solution, namely capsules Erectil They can quickly cope with most of the problems with decreased libido, which is helped by their composition, substances selected precisely for this purpose.

The manufacturer has analyzed what can help in the shortest possible time, therefore only proven active substances, acting multifacetedly, on symptoms and causes of disorders, additionally safe to use, such as:

Maca root

The plant, also known as Peruvian ginseng or pepper grass, has been used for centuries in traditional Peruvian Indian medicine and the root contains the most compounds with healing properties. These include vitamin A, vitamin C, an antioxidant that reduces dangerous free radicals, several B vitamins and the trace minerals copper, iron, zinc and manganese.

Erectil, thanks to the content of Maca root extract, has properties increasing libido to a high level, sealing thewalls of blood vessels, which enables proper blood flow to the penis, giving strong erection. In addition, you can count on the regulation of the secretion of sex hormones, good physical condition and better fertility, resulting from increased production of stronger, more mobile sperm.

Damiana leaf

Another natural and potent aphrodisiac, also known and valued for centuries, which is why it is almost always found in the composition of pills restoring sexual performance and strengthening weakened erections. In Damiana leaves, plant sterols, essential oils with unique properties, flavonoids, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, iron and copper are responsible for this.

This composition must immediately translate into the extremely broad therapeutic properties of Damiana leaves. They ensure proper testosterone levels, are involved in the production of nitric oxide which regulates blood flow, also to the penis, help relieveThey also help relieve stress symptoms, have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and diuretic properties, thanks to which we can cleanse our body of toxins accumulated in it.

Rhodiola rosea

Another trusted botanical ingredient in Erectil, this herb is also known by the more exotic name of arctic root or golden root. The two most important substances directly affecting its properties are rosavin and salidroside. The former allows for better stress control, while the latter, being an antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Other equally valuable compounds with health-promoting properties include phytosterols, catechins and flavonoids, thanks to which rosIt regulates the functioning of the nervous system, indispensable for correct potency, or strengthens natural immunity. In this way, it protects against infections, including cardiovascular diseases that interfere with erection.It also gives large injections of energy, improving the endurance of the body and its physical condition. It also takes care of mental well-being, without which it is difficult to get a strong and long-lasting erection.


In the composition of supplements is also found under the Latin name tribulus terrestrisIts properties were known and appreciated already in ancient China, Korea and Japan. Its fruits are dried and then powdered, but they do not lose their valuable composition in the process. They still provide the body with large doses of vitamin C, flavonoids, chlorogenic acid, iron, calcium and potassium.

Tribulus terrestris not only quickly and permanently strengthens weakened libido, it also has a positive effect on the whole state of health. It has antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties, normalizes high blood pressure, supports the immune system, regulates sugar levels and sex hormones, increases physical endurance.

Guarana extract

A tropical fruit with such broad therapeutic propertiesthat the manufacturer immediately decided to include it in the composition of Erectil capsules. This is due to the numerous substances that make up the unique composition of guarana, especially large amounts of caffeine. It is she who provides the energy that could be lacking for hours of intoxicating sex. Vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, polyphenols, saponins, tannins, Omega fatty acids and essential oils are also a great support for health and weakened potency.

Thanks to them, guarana has a stimulating effect, improves blood flow, also to the penis, increases strength, efficiency and physical endurance, significantly accelerates post-workout regenerationand quickly removes all effects of fatigue.

Erectil reviews highlighting its key benefits

Erectil has been steadily growing in popularity since it appeared on the Polish market, which is certainly due to its numerous benefits. They are emphasized in opinions of satisfied men whose sexual life has returned to normal and potency problems and erectile dysfunction are now only an unpleasant memory. Among the most important advantages of regular use of Erectil stand out:

  • safety of use, natural ingredients make the capsules cause no side effects, however, it should be checked beforehand whether they do not cause individual allergic reactions, independent of the manufacturer;
  • Restoration of vitality and improved physical endurance;
  • strengthening a weakened libido and even raising it to a whole new level;
  • better sensation of stimuli coming from a close encounter;
  • a strong, hard erection which can be maintained effortlessly for the entire duration of intercourse;
  • Faster recovery after exercise.

Erectil – how and where to buy it

Buying Erectil potency enhancement and erection problems capsules is very easy. They are sold by the manufacturer itself, which gives the buyer confidence that he will always get the original and 100% effective product. In addition, you can count on the lowest price in the market and the possibility to take advantage of current attractive promotions reducing the cost of purchase.

If you want your sex life to return to normal, go to manufacturer’s corporate website and fill out the contact form found there. It is enough to give your name and contact phone number, then wait for a consultant to call you back and it is with him that all the details concerning the purchase and deliveryare arranged.




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