Ephedrine and its supplementation during reduction

Ephedrine is an alkaloid which is obtained from many species of plants of the spider family or synthetically produced (HCL ephedrine). This substance is used to control annoyances that occur in respiratory tract diseases. However, it also has a group of followers who want to model their silhouette and reduce unnecessary kilograms of fat. If you’re curious to see what you need to know about ephedrine, learn about its action, possible side effects and opinions on it.

What is ephedrine?

Ephedra has been isolated from spider mites such as Ephedra sinica (Ma-huang) and Ephedra equisetina, has been used in medicine for many hundreds and thousands of years. Mainly its agent, which counteracts respiratory system ailments. Drugs with ephedrine and its weaker substitute, pseudoephedrine, are currently very numerous on the pharmaceutical market as preparations that also counteract colds, cough, cold, cold and sinusitis. This substance also attracts a lot of interest among active people who attend gyms or other forms of sport. They aim at slimming and sculpting the silhouette.

In addition to its salutary properties for abnormal airways, ephedrine has doping and stimulating fat burning properties. For this reason, it is a greedy bite for many amateur body modelling. However, it is worth knowing that the use of ephedrine, especially in higher doses, can have very negative side effects. First of all, it can be a great burden on our hearts, which negatively affects our psyche and leads to the path of addiction and destruction of the body.

Ephedra and its operation

Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system causes ephedrine to lead to a strong ejection of noradrenaline and adrenaline, and a weaker ejection of serotonin and dopamine. As a result of the action there is an acceleration of heart rate, i.e. an increase in blood pressure and an increase in the rate of metabolism or an increase in the temperature of genesis. It also leads to bronchial dilatation and relaxation of their muscles, stimulation of respiratory reflex and narrowing of blood vessels, reduction of mucus secretion in the upper respiratory tract. Such properties will make ephedrine used in asthma, colds, rhinitis and sinusitis.

Ephedra – effects

The stimulation of these neurotransmitters by ephedrine results in a significant increase in the rate of metabolism and an increase in body temperature, which may translate into an increase in energy consumption directly from fat cells. Accelerated decomposition of adipose tissue causes that high thermogenic abilities are not the only reason why slim figure adepts reach for ephedrine. For this reason, it is worth noting that it is particularly important for people struggling with excessive appetite and having a habit of eating.

An important result of ephedrine, from the point of view of people who want to lose weight or model the figure is also its impact on the efficiency of the body and the work of muscles. In this way we feel the increase in energy, strength, motivation and concentration. We can also train for a long time and intensively, without fighting with fatigue and discouragement. The muscles are then very susceptible to growth and the body fat to disappear. That’s why it’s faster and easier to build a sporty figure. Let us not forget either that ephedrine is illegal doping. It can very well be replaced by legal and safe supplements with similar effects.

ephedrine – side effects

It cannot be said that ephedra does not have thermogenic properties that stimulate metabolism, fat burning and improve muscle modeling. These advantages, however, often obscure the true image of the ephedron, which is slightly worse than in reality.

Taking ephedrine to reduce body weight or to improve muscles is certainly not an option for small doses of substances. The frequency of use is also not low. The result is that almost all the time our cardiovascular system is under heavy strain. This can translate into symptoms such as heart rate, pressure spikes, cold sweating, irritability and other ailments.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not uncommon among people who supplement ephedrine to reach for more and more abundant doses. Over time, our body gets used to the substance and does not react with such high intensity. Increasing amounts of ephedrine increase the risk of serious health problems and overdose, which may end tragically.

The next danger that awaits us during the ephedral supplementation is a kind of brain deception. As a result of this substance, we know that we have a lot of power to use. We feel the influx of power, we pulsate with the potential, which makes it possible to move even mountains. When we give in to this kind of thoughts, we often fund intensive and hard workouts. We then condemn our heart to a double-dolt load. On the one hand, ephedra, on the other hand, by heavenly physical exertion. In addition, we also burden our muscles, spine and joints, which in confrontation with heavy loads refuse to obey us.

There is no doubt that ephedrine supplementation entails significant health risks in various aspects. If we use it for a long time, we can lead to destruction of the body, serious heart problems, psychosis and addiction. A detailed list of side effects that may occur when using ephedrine:

  • Hypertension
  • Heartbeat
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Soulsiness and breathing problems
  • Hand trembling
  • Excessive sweating
  • Dry mouth, throat and nose feeling
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Problems with urination
  • Erection problems
  • Lowering the libido level
  • Skin lesions: rashes, discoloration of the skin
  • Insomnia
  • Hyperactivity, nervousness
  • Anxiety, discomfort, mental disorders including the manner, paranoia
  • Mental addiction.

Ephedra – consumer views

Is it worth reaching for ephedrine? According to the Internet, ephedrine is very effective, especially in combination with caffeine and aspirin, i.e. a mixture of ECA. It is present in the cult burner T5. However, according to many people who specialize in supplementation. Nowadays, incinerators with ephedrine are incomparably less effective than those that used to be on the market.

The problem is that they no longer contain pure ephedrine, but extracts from plants of the family Ephedra. They are often free of key alkaloids or contain negligible amounts of alkaloids. Many gym students have found that there are many better fat burners on the market today than those that contain ephedrine, which only pretends to be ephedrine, but in fact has very little to do with it.


Ephedra and slimming

Ephedra can significantly accelerate our aspirations for a slim, modeled silhouette. However, this is a hazardous substance to our health, which can do us more harm than good. So we have to watch out for it. It is also necessary to take into account the difficult issue of ephedrine availability in preparations for trainers. Due to legal issues and the withdrawal of dietary supplements with ephedrine from the legal market, they can be found rarely on our market. If they already appear, the question always arises: Is there really an ephedrine or is there any other stimulant with a similar effect?

Unfortunately, we are never really aware of what we buy. It may always happen that if you pay for a burner with ephedrine, you get a supplement with unclear composition and poor effectiveness. For those who do not want to risk their health and money, a great alternative can be legal and safe burners, which contain proven plant substances with effects similar to ephedrine. One of them is synephrine, which if accompanied by caffeine and other substances that accelerate the reduction can work as much as ephedrine.

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