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Recently I think I have had a spring solstice, because trainings have become a nightmare. I barely started the exercise, I already felt my heartbeat and my head was spinning. As a result, there was a general reluctance to go to the gym, and thus also a decrease in the results already achieved. Then a friend suggested that I might need a supplement that would give me a kick and help me gain weight. He recommended me citruline company AllNutrition. I ordered a 200g package with an exotic taste.

Effects of citrulline

The purpose of citrulline is to increase the efficiency of the body, accelerate the regeneration time and delay the feeling of fatigue. This supplement helps nourish muscles, providing them with greater endurance. As a result, training becomes more efficient, you can lift higher weights, train longer and stronger.

I started to use citrulline about 30 minutes before each workout. I felt better after the first intake, but I don’t know if the conditioner alone worked or if I just had a better day then. After about a week I returned to normal training rhythm and my muscles quickly regained their former endurance.

Cytruline composition AllNutrition

Cytrulina AllNutrition is a combination of L-cytrulin and appleate. Available in the form of lumped powder, the conditioner is designed to dissolve in water, thanks to which it is quickly absorbed.

The price of 200 g of citrulline is 5 €, it is not much, and the results are quite satisfactory. In the long run. Cytrulina, however, lacks this so-called kick, which, immediately after taking the supplement, will allow us to move mountains. I did not intend to give up the conditioner, because I knew that it would work well for the growth and regeneration of my muscles (although I think I will change the taste to another). However, I decided to try something else and decided to use Titan’s Rage in capsules. I ordered the first set for 40 € from the manufacturer. I’m very curious how it will work. I hope that this time the results will exceed my expectations. I will let you know.

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Titan’s Rage – energy worth the effort!

For the last month I have been using Titan’s Rage before each training and I have to boast that I felt great. At the gym I was doing great, during this time I significantly increased the load and from three training sessions a week, I went to five. I also practice more cardio, which can be seen in my figure.


Already after the first application of Titan’s Rage, I noticed a difference. I was a little afraid of heart palpitations and muscle trembling, but nothing like that appeared. Instead, I hardly felt tired. I practiced for a long time, thoroughly and well, and after the dizziness there was no trace left. Do you think that such agents consist of some strange chemistry? No, I was surprised myself when I looked at the composition of this product.

In Titan’s Rage we will find:

caffeine – a substance that we all know to stimulate and add energy.

taurine – used in many supplements for athletes, it helps to strengthen endurance and muscle efficiency.

green barley – helps to maintain the acid-base balance in the body, which is very important during intensive training.

chlorella – energy-adding alga, which contains protein and amino acids

On me Titan’s Rage had an excellent effect. I just ordered another set and a conditioner to increase weight named Titanodrol. Apparently, taking both products, you can count on even better results. I hope that by the summer holidays I will be able to achieve my dream goal.

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For all those who feel a lack of energy during exercise, I recommend Titan’s Rage. It is a product at a good price, which works great and helps to regain motivation to workout.

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