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Men, contrary to popular belief, increasingly pay attention to their appearance and care about improving their musculature, building muscle mass. At the same time they want to improve their condition, not only physically but also mentally. This is not easy, it depends on many factors, but the whole process can be greatly enhanced and accelerated by using tablets Bulk Extreme . This is a modern dietary supplement, developed just for this purpose, the composition of which was composed only of natural and safe to use substances.

Building muscle mass – what we need to take care of

 muscular man

A beautifully muscled, sculpted body without a gram of body fat is every man’s dream. Achieving such an effect takes time and requires not only using Bulk Extreme, but also following the recommendations of professionals, dieticians and professional trainers. Before you start shaping particular muscle parts, you should gain muscle mass. This is possible if we follow a well balanced diet.

It will provide us with a caloric surplus, about 20% more calories than our calculated daily requirements. Of course these can’t be random meals, their composition is also important, appropriate amounts of individual nutrients:

  • Fats, especially of vegetable origin, coconut oil, virgin olive oil extra virgin. You can also supplement fat deficiencies with fish dishes, but only sea fish;
  • Vitamins can be provided in two ways, by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and with Bulk Extreme tablets containing their carefully selected doses;
  • carbohydrates, also from dietary supplements, and in our meals we cannot forget about wholemeal products, wholemeal bread, oatmeal, buckwheat and brown rice;
  • protein, which is the building material of our muscles, which will be provided by dairy products, cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt and beef or poultry meat, but only lean, without fat.

A healthy weight loss diet also requires that you give up excess sugar from sweets and stimulants such as alcohol, black coffee and tea. It is also important to eat regular meals, and the most important are breakfast and dinner, which must not be skipped. Only then can you start training, and Bulk Extreme will help you with your exercise plan.

 Bulk Extreme


Bulk Extreme – the most important active ingredients

The action of Bulk Extreme depends on the composition, that is why the most effective active substances have been used in it, having a positive effect not only on muscle mass development, but also on general health. The manufacturer has risen to the challenge here, selecting ingredients from what nature provides, plant extracts supported by additional doses of vitamins and minerals. With this approach, each tablet contains:


 bitter melon

A patented ingredient in which the most important is the extract of bitter melon, or cucumber quail, which has 7% bitter compounds, 0.5% charantin, and vitamin A and vitamin C. These are responsible for:

  • more efficient muscle growth, and Momordicin® works similarly to steroids, but without the side effects;
  • faster regeneration after physical effort, rest after intensive training;
  • removal of dangerous free radicals from the body;
  • anti-cancer properties;
  • a more efficient immune system.



A second patented ingredient, also of plant origin. The most important active substance in it is ashwagandhaThe most important active ingredient in it is an adaptogen with the strongest effect in eliminating all effects of stress. In this way, KSM-66® provides the body with flavonoids, phytosterols, vitanolides, fiber for easier digestion, ascorbic acid, calcium and iron. This translates into the properties of ashwagandha:

  • Compensating for too low levels of testosterone, the main male sex hormone;
  • anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory;
  • shortens recovery time;
  • Increases respiratory and circulatory endurance;
  • increases physical fitness;
  • facilitating the burning of larger amounts of body fat.

Maca root extract

 Maca root

A plant that every man should know and its numerous properties made it used in Bulk Extreme. Maca root is also a source of nutrients, vitamin A, B vitamins, fiber, phytosterols and minerals, together contributing to its unique effects:

  • improving memory, concentration and cognitive abilities;
  • Protecting against stress;
  • regulating testosterone levels;
  • increasing fertility and potency;
  • allowing for more effective growth of muscle mass and weakened condition.

Nettle leaf extract


Having an impact on many aspects of health, made possible by the vitamins found in nettle leaves: A, B2 and K, minerals: silicon, calcium, manganese, iron and phosphorus and other active ingredients, organic acids, flavonoids, tannins. Therefore, supplements with nettle are recommended by specialists, praising their advantages:

  • providing energy for exercise;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • counteracting the mutation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT);
  • anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial effects;
  • cleansing the body of excess toxins.

Alfalfa herb extract


It supplements, in the form of Bulk Extreme tablets, vitamin B, C, D and K deficiencies, also providing minerals, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, manganese and iron. Such a rich composition must translate into health-promoting properties:

  • normalizing hormonal balance;
  • regulating the digestive system, positively influencing digestion and metabolism;
  • Stabilizing the level of cholesterol LDL in blood;
  • increasing endurance, which is useful during workouts for muscle mass.

Sabal palm fruit extract

 saw palmetto

Otherwise known as Saw Palmetto, which is widely used in dietary supplements for men. It is primarily a natural, powerful blocker of the destructive DHT. The other ingredients of Saw Palmetto are coenzyme Q10, vitamins, minerals, phytosterols and flavonoids, conditioning its health effects:

  • preventing diseases of the prostate, or prostate gland, its hypertrophy and cancer;
  • inhibiting hair loss, especially effective against androgenetic alopecia caused by increased DHT activity;
  • improving sexual performance, preventing erectile dysfunction.

Pumpkin seed extract

 pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin fruits can be used not only in cooking, or as decorations on Halloween, but also for dietary supplements, and Bulk Extreme uses their seeds. Even in them there is a large amount of vitamins A, B, C and minerals, which has a direct impact on the performance of these pills:

  • increasing the body’s natural immunity;
  • minimizing the risk of cancer, including prostate cancer;
  • Enhancing potency, which is weakened for various reasons;
  • facilitating development of specific muscle groups;
  • optimizing the functioning of the genitourinary system.

Siberian ginseng extract

 Siberian ginseng

Its other, less known name is eleutherococcus spinosus, also having adaptogenic properties. It affects mainly the nervous system, normalizing its work, which is facilitated by the content of organic acids, eleuterosides, vitamins and minerals, giving Siberian ginseng its properties:

  • reducing the negative effects of stress;
  • ensuring better memory and ability to focus;
  • accelerating post-workout regeneration;
  • improving work of the heart and circulatory system.

Extract from mumio


A substance in the form of small black lumps that comes from the remote Himalayas, where it has been used for thousands of years. Mumio, called shilajit Himalayan, can be successfully used for:

  • preventing the development of osteoporosis that weakens bones;
  • strengthening joints;
  • regulating the amount of secreted hormones, including sex hormones;
  • improving fertility.

Additional vitamins and minerals

 Vitamins and minerals

Without an adequate daily intake of minerals and vitamins, such as those found in every Bull Extreme tablet, you can’t think about rapidly building muscle mass or improving your overall health. That’s why the manufacturer has decided to include substances such as:

  • Selenium SeLECT®, a strong, concentrated dose of easily absorbed selenium, one of the two elements particularly recommended for men. Its presence solves possible problems with thyroid health, guarantees correct sperm production, protects cells against negative effects of oxidative stress, reduces the feeling of fatigue, restores sexual performance;
  • zinc, another essential element, thanks to which appropriate testosterone levels are maintained, the risk of hair loss and skin diseases is reduced, and fertility is improved
  • pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, which participates in the processes of haemoglobin formation, intensifies the processes of burning redundant body fat and is responsible for smooth functioning of the nervous system;
  • cobalamin, i.e. vitamin B12, another testosterone regulator, maintaining full fertility, preventing osteoporosis, increasing mentalBulk Extreme – the opinions about it.

Bulk Extreme – opinions on its effectiveness

 bulk extreme

The ingredients used in Bulk Extreme The ingredients used in ashwagandha translate into a high efficacy confirmed by experts. This is fully confirmed by the positive feedback from satisfied men, who give the pills the highest ratings and emphasize their most important benefits:

  • help you gain muscle mass, increasing it by up to 95%;
  • higher performance, both physically and mentally;
  • proper testosterone levels and no risk of its transformation into DHT;
  • providing energy and strength without which regular workouts at the gym would be impossible;
  • sexual performance they could only dream of before and no even slightest erection problems;
  • a high metabolic rate allowing you to quickly burn off unwanted fat tissue.

Bulk Extreme – how to use it and how to buy it

The natural ingredients of Bulk Extreme will work with maximum force if we follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, 3 tablets a day drunk with plenty of still water. Buying the supplement is equally easy, order at manufacturer’s website
Basic, 1 pack of 90 tablets;
Standard, 2 packs plus 1 free pack, giving a supply of 270 tablets; –
3 packs
3 free packs, giving a supply of 540 tablets.



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