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Recently I noticed a decrease in my energy. I don’t know if it’s due to weather or fatigue, but before every training I felt completely weakened and as a result I didn’t do much. I took a week off from training, but it was even worse when I came back. A friend advised me to try some kind of pre-training. I took a look at the nutritional shop and chose Assault Energy+Strength from MusclePharm. I was attracted by the name and interesting appearance of the packaging.

Action Assault

The task of Assault is to increase the level of energy and fitness of the body before training. As a result, we train better, we can carry more and do more repetitions. It is known that this affects both faster muscle growth and body sculpting. That’s what I wanted, so I started to use Assault systematically before each training.

And it worked. At least at the beginning. Actually, I felt better and I had much better results at the gym. Unfortunately, after two weeks of use I did not feel this euphoria anymore. I increased the dose, but that didn’t help either. I was wondering why and came to the conclusion that maybe my body had got used to the product and I had to give it up for a while.

Composition Assaultu

For one package of Assaultu I paid 40 € and received 435 grams of nutrients. The product is a combination of a complex of vitamins and general substances that increase energy and improve the efficiency of the body. In one portion of the supplement you will find, among others:

  • l-tyrosine
  • l-asparticulate
  • red beet extract
  • beta-alanine

And many other substances whose names don’t tell me anything, although I found out that they have a stimulating effect on the body.

Reading reviews about Assault, I noticed a lot of neutral. They were written by people who, like me, stopped feeling the effects of using the conditioner after some time. One of these people wrote that she was much better helped by Titan’s Rage – a new pre-training for athletes. Out of curiosity I looked at the manufacturer’s website and bought the first starter kit for less than 25 €. I’m curious how this new conditioner will work, but I hope that this time I’ll be fully satisfied.


Titan’s Range – practice more and more efficiently!

And that’s great! I have been using Titan’s Rage for a month and my workouts have never been so good! I am telling you, you should try. Already after the first dose I felt a huge inflow of energy. I went to the club and did twice as many repetitions with higher weights. At first I was afraid that, as before, the effect of the conditioner would decrease, but not. A month later and beyond I feel great every time. I’ve already noticed an increase in muscle volume and, best of all, the body fat is much less. I’m starting to look great, how it’s going to go on, my silhouette will be perfect in the summer.

titans rage

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However, let’s focus on the same Titan’s Rage. What is so great about this supplement that it works so well? I was curious myself, so I decided to check for fear that I would find something forbidden there. None of these things, Titan’s Rage is a combination of effective ingredients, providing energy and adding motivation to action.

What consists of Titan’s Rage? See!

Caffeine – which stimulates and adds energy.

Taurine – increases strength and efficiency. Provides an additional dose of strength and energy.

Green barley – helps to maintain the right acid-base balance.

Chlorella – an alga containing good quality protein. What’s more, it adds energy.

As you can see, there are not all the different masses here, but there are ingredients that really work. If you are looking for something that will help you to improve your workouts, strengthen your strength, endurance and performance, bet on Titan’s Rage – an innovation in the field of pre-training gainers. The supplement is completely safe for health, because it does not contain any artificial substances, and I feel great after it. Recently I bought a set of Titanodrol, which helps me to achieve adequate muscle mass.

You don’t have to look for an effective remedy anymore. Take a look HERE and order the first set Titan’s Rage – I tried and do not regret, you will not regret either.

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