Ashwagandha – opinions and action. Indian ginseng as a pre-training ginseng?

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make my trainings more intensive and efficient. I wanted to gain weight faster, and in order to achieve this, I had to start carrying more. Unfortunately, going to the gym in the afternoon, after work, I often did not have the energy for intensive extrusion. A friend recommended me ashwagandha, an Indian ginseng who was supposed to work miracles in terms of energy and motivation to act.

Ashwagandha – action

Ashwagandha is a natural plant that has been used in old Indian medicine for many years. Today it is mainly used by athletes who count on an extra boost of energy before training. This plant not only helps to achieve better physical condition, but also promotes concentration, so that nothing distracts us during training and we are able to do more.

Ashwaganda – composition

Ashwagandha contains many nutrients that help us achieve our goals in the gym. The product strengthens the muscle tissue, allowing it to work intensively and supporting growth. Ashwagandha also has many other health properties and is recommended for people who want to improve their mood and concentration.

I started to take the capsules according to the instructions on the package. Actually, I felt better and I don’t say ashwaganda is a bad product. It is a natural plant with many nutritional properties and I think it is worth introducing it into your diet. Maybe not as a typical pre-training. There are many positive opinions about ashwaganda on the web, but we will also learn that it is very often used as a component of pre-workout sessions. This product helps, yes, but if we really want to sweep at the gym, we have to bet on something more. I decided to try out Titan’s Rage. This is a novelty on the market, but it is already gaining a lot of positive reviews. The price of ashwagandha is about 10 € for 60 capsules. Titan’s Rage cost me €40 per month’s stock. The difference is, however, Titan’s Rage is a typical pre-workout, which gives supposedly great results. Well, we will see. I will let you know how it worked.


Titan’s Rage before training – strength and power!

That’s what I wanted! Since I started to use Titan’s Rage My results at the gym improved by 60%. I lift more, exercise longer and do more efficiently. I enjoy great form. Are you wondering how it works? Just drink one serving of Titan’s Rage about 30 minutes before training to feel the form and willingness to act. And all this thanks to natural ingredients such as:

caffeine – which stimulates and adds energy

taurine – increases productivity and durability

green barley – helps maintain the acid-base balance in the body

chlorella – a unique algae containing protein and amino acids

As you can see, the composition is interesting, and the substances combined together give a good kick. I didn’t give up ashwagandha, but now I use these capsules more as a substance that supports my body’s overall health, not as a pre-training pill. In this respect, I completely bet on Titan’s Rage. What’s more, I’ve learned that you can improve the effects even more by combining Titan’s Rage with a mass supplement called Titanodrol. I can’t wait for the second conditioner to reach me.


I have great advice for you. If you want to enjoy intensive, efficient training, bet on Titan’s Rage. I know it’s new, but I’m sure it will soon be at the top of the rankings. The action is quick, because the nutrient is available in liquid, so it is well absorbed. I feel great about it and I haven’t noticed any side effects. I recommended Titan’s Rage to all gym buddies and those who listened to my advice are delighted. You, too, can be, take a look at the manufacturer’s website and order the first Titan’s Rage kit. You will see for yourself that the effects will be stunning!

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