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Libido, or sexual performance, is something that every man takes extremely seriously. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep it at the highest level, sometimes smaller or bigger disorders appear, caused by various ailments or simply coming with age. Very often the reason is a small member, which not only causes a lot of stress, but can also make intercourse impossible.

However, such problems are unacceptable and you should immediately find a way to solve them, not necessarily reaching for invasive, surgical methods. You can simply and painlessly increase the girth and length of your penis, while increasing your libido, and the gel will help Alfagengel, composed only of natural, plant-based ingredients.

Causes of male potency problems


The male libido problem is not only the size of the penis, which does not always meet accepted standards. They say that an erect penis should be at least 12-15 cm long and the average circumference is 9-10 cm. Let’s face it, men who don’t meet these standards are eager to match them, that’s why they should start using Alfagento use a natural penis enlargementgel .

Men’s problems with sexual performance in general don’t just include this one issue. Erectile dysfunction, inability not only to obtain an erection in a state of excitement, but also to maintain it throughout intercourse, is equally common. The active substances included in Alfagen will also deal with this, primarily such causes as:

  • hormone imbalances, in the case of men resulting in disturbed levels of testosterone secretion, the hormone responsible for male potency and fertility;
  • theeffects of a poor diet that reduces physical performance, which automatically affects sexual performance, lacking nutrients that promote it, such as vitamin C, Omega – 3 acids, minerals, zinc and selenium, as well as the spices turmeric, ginger, coriander and basil;
  • circulatory system disorders which interfere with correct blood supply to the penis, which is important not only for strong and long-lasting erection, but also for visible penis enlargement;
  • theeffects of nervous tension, led of course by stress, a serious disease of civilisation which weakens libido almost immediately.

Alfagen – what active ingredients does this gel contain

For a given medicinal preparation to be effective against so many causes of male ailments, it must have a properly selected composition. The basic principle, which also guided the manufacturer of Alfagen gel, is the safety ofuse, lack of side effects and use of only natural ingredients of plant origin.

It is, after all, in line with the current principles of ecology, and natural methods of treatment are definitely superior to harmful, chemical substances, which, unfortunately, we still find in many dietary supplements. Alfagen It is completely free from them, you can use it without any risk of side effects, and the ingredients that determine its effectiveness are:

Maca root

 Maca root

A vegetable that grows in the wild in remote areas of Peru, in high parts of the Andes, known and used in this part of the world for over 2000 years. Maca(Lepidum peruvianum) root is a veritable treasure trove of potency promoting substances such as B vitamins, vitamin C, Omega fatty acids and numerous minerals including zinc, manganese, selenium, iron and copper. They all have an excellent effect not only on male libido or fertility, but also on general health, ensuring

  • better functioning of the circulatory system ensuring a proper blood supply to the penis, strong erection and increased penis size;
  • regulation of testosterone secretion;
  • more efficient functioning of the immune system;
  • Enhanced physical performance;
  • providing a high daily dose of energy, also needed for sex;
  • higher fertility, resulting from increased sperm motility.

Damiana leaf

 Damiana leaf

Widely regarded as an exceptionally potent natural aphrodisiac, its potency also lies in the large amount of nutrients which have a beneficial effect on virtually every aspect of our health. Damiana(Turnera diffusa) leaf is full of flavonoids, plant sterols, vitamin C, organic acids, essential oils and minerals, affecting the following properties:

  • raising weakened potency;
  • increasing the level of testosterone required for this;
  • Enhancing natural immunity;
  • immunizing against stress and other strong nervous conditions that may have negative influence on sexual condition;
  • improving mental mood;
  • providing energy;
  • supporting functioning of urogenital system.

Muira Puama

 muira puama

A tree belonging to the olive family, which came to Europe from South America and, as there, was recognized as an effective natural aphrodisiac. Muira Puama(Ptychopetalum olacoides) provides the raw material, mainly the bark, used in preparations designed to increase libido, which is why it is also included in the composition of Alfagen gel. It earned its name immediately “potency trees”and its supplementation ensures:

  • Restoration of normal libido, also in women;
  • Relieve all symptoms of stress due to its adaptogenic properties;
  • virtually zero risk of premature ejaculation;
  • more energy, so necessary for any physical effort, also for sexual intercourse;
  • A strong erection which can be maintained throughout intercourse;
  • a noticeable enlargement of the penis, especially when erect.


L – arginine

It is an amino acid which belongs to the relatively exogenous group, produced in the body in limited quantities, which means it has to be regularly supplemented from the outside, which is where Alfagen can help. L-Arginine actively participates in the process of synthesis of the oxide produced in the penile cavernous bodies which dilates the walls of blood vessels. The result is an increased blood flow to the penis, resulting in a strong and hard erection, and other properties of this amino acid worth mentioning are:

  • more efficient functioning of the kidneys and urinary system;
  • removal of harmful toxins from the body;
  • fast regeneration even after the greatest effort, restoring full physical fitness;
  • faster healing of wounds;
  • increased testosterone production;
  • Prevention of premature ejaculation;
  • increased production of better quality semen which increases fertility.

Alfagen – reviews of satisfied men highlighting its benefits

When looking for a universal, acting complex penis enlargement agent and raising weakened male libido, it is definitely worth reaching for the gel Alfagen. Among other preparations, it stands out with many advantages, emphasized also in positive opinions expressed by specialists in treating male ailments and by satisfied users themselves, who praise it:

  • A larger penis, which increases in length by an average of 4 cm and girth by 2 to 3 cm, so this is a fully satisfying effect;
  • higher testosterone levels, also positively influencing the quality of sex life;
  • a strong erection, the kind they could only dream of before;
  • completely minimised risk of premature ejaculation;
  • high physical performance of the body and excellent mental wellbeing, no negative effects of stress;
  • quick recovery after intercourse and almost immediate readiness for further action.

Alfagen – no side effects, how to use and buy the preparation

An important advantage of the Alfagen gel, which is definitely worth emphasizing separately, is 100% safety of its use. The use of natural, mostly plant-based active ingredients means that there is no risk of adverse reactions, side effects often seen in preparations containing artificial substances. Using the gel comes down to applying it, preferably twice a day, on a thoroughly washed and dried penile skin. You do not rub it in, just wait until it is absorbed by itself and you are done.

If you are interested in buying Alfagen, you must go to manufacturer’s website and place an order there by filling out the contact form. In it you give only your name and phone number, and the rest of the formalities associated with the purchase you will deal with in a conversation with a consultant who calls you back. The manufacturer, also dealing with the sale of its supplement, gives a guarantee of the lowest price, receipt of one hundred percent original, effective product and its fast shipment in discreet packaging.


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