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Increasing muscle mass is something that all gym visitors dream of. I am no different, since I started training, I wanted my body to gain weight as soon as possible. Of course only in muscles. Adequate diet and systematic training gave a lot, but after some time I decided to take advantage of the advice of my colleagues and ordered a nutrition supplement for a mass of ActivLab Mass Up.

Mass up – action

Mass up is a great dose of calories, consisting of many nutritional values. The supplement helps to build muscle mass, adding energy and improving the efficiency of the body. The product is designed for people who want to build muscle mass and model their silhouette quickly and effectively. It is especially recommended for very slim people, whose natural structure is resistant to fast weight gain.

The product not only promotes the growth of muscle cells, but is also an anti-catabolic, which means that it prevents their recession in moments of rest from physical activity. The price ActivLab Mass Up is approx. 20 € per 500 g package.

Mass up – composition

Mass up is a combination of different nutrients, but creatine and taurine play a major role in the conditioner, which support rapid muscle mass gain. Mass Up also contains 10 grams of protein and 87 grams of carbohydrates per portion and a wide collection of amino acids.

It is thanks to its high carbohydrate content that Mass Up works effectively on the mass. Unfortunately, not only muscular. When taking this conditioner, we have to count the calories in detail so as not to exaggerate, because in addition to muscles, we can also observe an increase in body fat. Unfortunately, this happened in my case, and while browsing through the opinions about Mass Up, I noticed the reviews of people who warned against excessive use of the product.

Mass Up helped me to increase my muscle tissue a little, but it worked slowly and after three months I was wearing probably more fat than my muscles, although I was training regularly. I thought it might be time to change the supplement. On the Internet I came across Titanodrol, a popular conditioner for weight, which is gaining more and more positive reviews. I decided to try, so I ordered the first set on the manufacturer’s website. It cost me 50 €, but I received a stock for 2 months. Even today I’m going to take the first portion, I’ll let you know in a while what kind of conditioner gives you the effects.


Titandorol – increase muscle mass in a short time!


I use Titanodrol for two months and I am very pleased with the results. Two servings a day are enough for the supplement to work. What are the biggest advantages of this product? First of all, it works fast, because I noticed the results already during the first training. Titanodrol not only adds strength and energy, but also stimulates the natural processes of our body, responsible for the production of testosterone and growth hormone. It does not provide us with substances that cause artificial growth of these hormones, it simply acts on our body in such a way that it creates more of them.

The result is increased efficiency, durability, strength and…. libido. Yes, Titanodrol also works in this area, which I noticed with some pleasure. I don’t hide that since I’ve been using this product, not only my figure has improved, but also…. My relationship with my partner. Great. I am very pleased and I think that you, too, should try this measure.

I want to dispel any doubts about the ingredients found in Titandorol. The conditioner is an original recipe for products that are safe for health. It does not contain any illegal products. One portion Titanodrolu it:

D-aspartic acid (DAA) – which adds energy and increases testosterone production, which contributes to faster muscle growth.

Beta-alanine – influencing the efficiency and endurance of our body.

L-arginine – provides a muscle pump.

terrestrial mace – also called testosterone booster, guarantees us strength, endurance and rapid increase in muscle mass.

It is thanks to the concentrated formula, Titanodrol works so fast and so well. I have recommended the conditioner to several colleagues who also express positive opinions about Titanodrolu. As you can see, the supplement is effective. In my opinion, this is a great thing and a great addition to our daily diet, allowing us to build silhouettes in a short time.

It is impossible to hide, sometimes supplementation is needed. Instead of focusing on nutrients of unknown origin, it is much better to choose something proven. Titandorol is a great option that allows us not only to strengthen and expand the volume of the muscles, but also provides a great feeling of well-being and better sexual activity. In my opinion, it is worth it.


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